Rallying Together: Rebuilding from Maui’s Wildfires

A woman digs through rubble of a home destroyed by a wildfire on Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, in Lahaina, Hawaii.

The recent wildfires that have swept through Maui have left a trail of destruction in their wake, impacting both the environment and the local community. In times of crisis, solidarity and support become paramount. At this crucial juncture, our brand partners have a unique opportunity to step in and make a tangible difference. Through a seamless collaboration with the DailyKarma Foundation, we have quickly identified and added verified organizations that are on the ground today. You and your customer base can now extend assistance to critical nonprofits, amplifying awareness to relief efforts and aiding in the restoration of this cherished island.

Support these nonprofits today through Shop for Good:

Nonprofit Organizations in Maui that you can support today through Shop for Good

  1. United Way Maui is a local nonprofit that focuses on improving the lives of Maui’s residents through targeted programs and initiatives. By partnering with United Way Maui, brands can contribute to wildfire relief efforts, provide aid to affected families, and support the rebuilding of community resources. https://mauiunitedway.org/

  2. The Maui Food Bank plays a critical role in ensuring that families and individuals have access to nutritious food during challenging times. Collaborating with the Maui Food Bank allows brands to address immediate needs, alleviate food insecurity, and support those who have been directly affected by the wildfires. https://mauifoodbank.org/

  3. In times of disaster, the American Red Cross Hawaii chapter steps in to provide emergency shelter, supplies, and assistance to affected communities. Partnering with this reputable organization enables brands to contribute to disaster response efforts, offering crucial support to those who have lost their homes or been displaced. https://www.redcross.org/local/hawaii.html

  4. The Lahui Foundation focuses on preserving and perpetuating Native Hawaiian culture, language, and traditions. By aligning with the Lahui Foundation, brands can contribute to the restoration of cultural heritage sites that may have been impacted by the wildfires, ensuring that the island’s rich history remains intact. https://www.lahuifoundation.org/

  5. Animal companions are an integral part of many households, and wildfires can pose a significant threat to their safety. The Maui Humane Society works tirelessly to protect and care for animals during emergencies. Brands partnering with this organization can help provide resources for animal rescue, shelter, and care. https://www.mauihumanesociety.org/

  6. The Hawaii Community Foundation serves as a vital conduit for charitable giving, connecting donors with causes that matter most. It’s Maui Strong Fund will support evolving needs, including shelter, food, financial assistance, and other services as identified by our partners doing critical work on Maui. As of August 11, 2023, $17,091,490 has been raised. https://www.hawaiicommunityfoundation.org/

As we focus on the collective mission of aiding Maui’s recovery, we acknowledge the impactful contributions of brands like Coola, Watty and OllieKinflyte, Alohi Maui, Ocean+Main, and The Clay Impress

Through Shop for Good, these brands have seamlessly integrated their campaigns, joining hands with these nonprofits to help create a brighter future for the island and its residents. Together, we empower brands to make an enduring impact on Maui’s recovery, proving that when we unite for a cause, we have the power to heal, rebuild, and thrive.


Photo Credit: A woman digs through rubble of a home destroyed by a wildfire on Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, in Lahaina, Hawaii. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

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