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Who We Are

Shop for Good is the Shopify app by DailyKarma. Shop for Good is a Shopify customer engagement and fundraising app that integrates directly into e-commerce storefronts. Shop for Good allows brands to do good while increasing sales and customer affinity through charity-linked purchases.

DailyKarma (creator of the Shop for Good app) is a tech startup building free tools to help communities give back since 2015. DailyKarma has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and is a proud recipient of the 2019 and 2020 Shopify Unite Fund. We are a team of technologists, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs with one shared goal –to make giving a part of everyday life.

The DailyKarma Foundation (a component fund of the Simple Generosity Foundation US Tax ID EIN 47-5570019) helps donations collected via Shop for Good get to the right place. The donation(s) to this fund are passed along to the charities via paper check or electronic fund transfer.

How It Works

Our Emerging and Scaling plans both ensure that 100% of the donations reach the nonprofits you are supporting through your store.

With the free Entrepreneur plan, at least 90% (minus minimal credit card fees) of the donation is received by the nonprofits. You have the option to elect to cover the administrative and technical costs so that 100% of the funds received go to charity. The processing fees are based on the donations, not the order amount. Please contact if you’d like to cover costs.

Funds are sent through The DailyKarma Foundation, a donor-advised fund of the Simple Generosity Foundation, a US-based nonprofit 501(c)(3). The DailyKarma Foundation and DailyKarma comply with all Commercial Co-Venture and Professional Fundraiser rules and regulations as required in various States depending on the scope and structure of your campaign.

The DailyKarma Foundation will mail a paper check or make an electronic payment (direct deposit or wire transfer) to each eligible charity. To receive funding through DailyKarma via the DailyKarma Foundation the recipient organization must be a 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization in the US (or foreign equivalent), in good standing with local regulators, and be willing to accept funds generated from online giving (all charities have the option of removing themselves from the pool of potential grantees.)

The funds are disbursed on a monthly basis. Donations collected from brands may take up to 45 days until they are processed and received by nonprofits.

Once brands download the Shop for Good app onto your Shopify store, they can browse the nonprofits in our system by category.

In addition, brands can also easily add a new charity to the list! We usually approve new charities within 24 to 48 business hours.

Brands can support up to 20 nonprofits at a time on your store through Shop for Good by DailyKarma.

You can email if you want us to update your information including mailing address, contact information, logos and mission statements. The DailyKarma Foundation will review and verify those changes with your Guidestar profile.

We are hoping to create a portal for nonprofits to update profiles and track donations received from the DailyKarma Foundation. Please check back for updates.

Yes. Please fill up this form so that our foundation team can review and get your nonprofit set up for direct deposit:

The check or ACH payment that you will receive will come with a note that outlines the brand/s that raised those funds.

No. The DailyKarma Foundation will be responsible for sending any requested documents since the foundation received the donations before it was granted to you. We will reach out to you if any of the brands request a letter of acknowledgment or any form of receipt from you.

Nonprofits that receive donations or are added to our database do not get charged any fees.

The DailyKarma Foundation / Simple Generosity has an existing database with over 20,000 nonprofits, which grew from brands requesting nonprofits to support.

The information are either provided and confirmed directly by nonprofit representatives themselves or verified from third-party data sharing with Guidestar.

You can update your information on Guidestar and notify us of the changes made. 

Setting Up

It’s easy! All verified public 501(c)3 organizations in good standing can be listed in DailyKarma. If you’d like yours listed, please contact and send the following information:

  1. Website URL
  2. EIN
  3. Logo (squared; JPG or PNG)
  4. Mission statement (100 characters max)
  5. Social media profiles
  6. Contact Person and Email Address

The DailyKarma Foundation will review and verify these information with your Guidestar profile.

If your nonprofit runs a Shopify store, the Shop for Good app by DailyKarma is available in the Shopify App Store. Click “Add app” and follow the set-up instructions in the Shop for Good dashboard.

If your nonprofit runs a store on a different platform, you can leverage our API. Book a call with us to learn more.

Unfortunately, our donation processor is legally prohibited from funding 501(c)4’s. Consequently, we can only add 501(c)3’s to our system.

Any brand on our Emerging or Scaling plan can make a request for a nonprofit from any country. A direct request from nonprofits not registered in the United States can be reviewed for consideration by the DailyKarma Foundation. You can email and include as much information as possible in your request, including location and charity number.

Email and we will remove you from our platform right away.

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