Meet Our Leaders That Care

To kick off 2018 we’re honoring Leaders That Care. These individuals are making an impact and putting good karma into the world on a daily basis. We’re celebrating them and their accomplishments by sharing the causes they care about.

Adam Rosenberg
Adam Rosenberg, the PR and Social Media Group Manager at The Clorox Company, cares about bringing smart journalism and culture to more people, specifically through California’s “thriving art and music community.” See Adam’s Cause Fund

Amber J. Lawson
Amber J. Lawson, the Founder and CEO at Good Amplified, cares about supporting the prosperity of all 501c3’s who are making the world a better place. See Amber’s Cause Fund 

Amy Endeman
Amy Endeman, a surfer, a cook, a lover of oceans, and the Head of Marketing at Sunbasket, cares about food, education, freedom, and natural beauty – or as she calls them, “blessings many of us take for granted.” See Amy’s Cause Fund 

Ashumi Kothary Shippee
Ashumi Kothary Shippee, a female entrepreneur, a mother, an immigrant, and the CFO at VIOLET GREY cares about supporting women, fighting to eradicate homelessness, and providing safe harbor to refugees. See Ashumi’s Cause Fund  

Bailey Gaddis
Bailey Gaddis, author of Fen Shui Mommy is a passionate supporter of women’s maternal health. See Bailey’s Cause Fund  

Blake Andrews
Blake Andrews, a co-founder at Giveback Homes and a passionate golfer, cares about promoting honesty and integrity to young people through teaching the sport of golf. Blake started playing golf at the age of nine but “only recently started to learn the game beyond the swings.”  See Blake’s Cause Fund

Brit Gilmore
Brit Gilmore, the President of The Giving Keys, a company that lives, and breathes giving back, cares about empowering individuals experiencing homelessness to lead fulfilling lives. Her company has also hired several individuals who were formerly homeless in Los Angeles. See Brit’s Cause Fund 

Bruce Poon Tip
Bruce Poon Tip, the Founder of G Adventures, which allows travelers to immerse themselves in new destinations while also supporting the businesses and culture of the local people who live there, and because of that he cares about organizations that are doing important work to strengthen local economies in tourist areas and make the tourism industry more sustainable. See Bruce’s Cause Fund 

Caroline Pinal
Caroline Pinal, a co-founder at Giveback Homes and self-proclaimed Birthday Enthusiast, cares about bringing the magic of birthday celebrations to children living in homeless and transitional living situations. She says, “The parties are so much more than a celebration – they’re a chance for kids to feel loved and dream big.”  See Caroline’s Cause Fund 

Christine Carrillo
Christine Carrillo, the CEO at Joany, cares about empowering individuals of all ages to be compassionate and humanistic leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. See Christine’s Cause Fund

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen is passionate about design and social good, a photography enthusiast, and Design Program Manager at Facebook, but he also cares about dogs. See Dan’s Cause Fund 

Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell, the Vice President of Partnerships and Innovation at NationSwell, cares about conservation, journalism, advancing collective consciousness and LGBT Youth.  See Dan’s Cause Fund

Daniel Park
Daniel Park, a Senior Director for Turner Broadcasting cares about supporting fair & unbiased news. See Daniel’s Cause Fund 

Dorrian Porter
Dorrian Porter, CEO of Vestboard, a 2018 CES Last Gadget Standing Finalist, cares about organizations supporting arts, nature & children. See Dorrian’s Cause Fund 

Eric Colbert
Eric Colbert, the founder at Spark6, cares about leaving this world “a little better than when we found it,” through supporting wildlife conservation, Alzheimer’s research, and human suffering on all fronts. See Eric’s Cause Fund 

Folayo Lasaki
Folayo Lasaki is the Head of Marketing at SoulPancake, a content company founded by Rainn Wilson from the hit TV show, The Office, and she cares most about empowering artists and communities of need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art.  See Folayo’s Cause Fund 

Gail Cayetano
Gail Cayetano,  Consultant at Shop Talk Los Angeles, cares about helping to defeat Rett syndrome. One of her friends’ daughter was diagnosed at a young age with this disease that slowly took away her ability to communicate with the world that she can clearly understand. Gail wants to change this. See Gail’s Cause Fund 

Jim Moriarty
Jim Moriarty, the Head of Brand Citizenship at 72&Sunny, cares about giving everyone equal access to modern jobs. See Jim’s Cause Fund

Joanna Waterfall
Joanna Waterfall, the founder of Yellow Co., cares about putting an end to human trafficking. This is why she supports trusted organizations that are doing the hard work to see an end to this issue.  See Joanna’s Cause Fund

Joy Moh
Joy Moh, the Director of Worldwide Publicity at Sony Pictures Entertainment and an L.A. native herself, cares about the development and future of her city, Los Angeles. Having been a Wish Granter for the past six years, she supports the Make a Wish Foundation as well as the innovative L.A. Kitchen, which takes a creative approach to tackling hunger. See Joy’s Cause Fund 

Justin Wolff
Justin Wolff, the Chief Giving Officer and Co-Founder at Yoobi, a school supply company that gives to classrooms in need, cares about education accessibility for young kids and also an orphan-elephant rescue, as he is a South African native. See Justin’s Cause Fund 

Kat Gordon
Kat Gordon is an entrepreneur, creative marketer & founder of 3% Conference – a conference devoted to raising the number of female creative directors in advertising. In addition to being a staunch advocate for gender inclusivity, she supports organizations that help unite us for violence-free communities. See Kat’s Cause Fund  

Kathleen Talbot
Kathleen Talbot, who leads the charge as Vice President of Operations and Sustainability at Reformation, cares most about climate change. See Kathleen’s Cause Fund 

Kirsten Ludwig
Kirsten Ludwig, the President and founder of IN GOOD CO, has made doing good an integral part of her business model and cares about ensuring freedom and rights for all. See Kirsten’s Cause Fund 

Kohl Creselius
Kohl Creselius is husband, a father, a surfer and a passionate communicator who seeks to encourage and inspire a new generation of socially minded businesses. As CEO & Co-founder Krochet Kids intl., and now KNOWN SUPPLY, he has worked to create sustainable social impact models on the ground and he cares about helping others doing good work. See Kohl’s Cause Fund

Lena Khouri
Lena Khouri, the co-founder of Deutch Good, and recent founder of boutique shopping startup CURIO, cares about supporting children and young adults through education, creative projects, sports, and self-empowerment.  See Lena’s Cause Fund

Lindsey Horvath
Lindsey Horvath, a Councilmember and the former Mayor of the City of West Hollywood, cares about supporting those who are struggling to survive, to escape and overcome violence, to end hunger, and to find affordable housing. Lindsey has personally worked with each organization she supports. See Lindsey’s Cause Fund 

Marc Gowland
Marc Gowland, EVP, Executive Technology Director at Deutsch, saw firsthand the resilience of children after visiting orphanages in Mexico & Ecuador. As a result, he supports organizations that help youth turn tragedy into motivation for personal success. See Marc’s Cause Fund

Martin Leim
Martin Leim, News Producer for ABC7 News in Los Angeles works with youth-centered organizations to give back to the community in LA.  See Martin’s Cause Fund

Melody Godfred
Melody Godfred, the founder of Fred and Far: A Self Love Movement, cares about inspiring, empowering, and informing women by providing essential health services, equal opportunities, culture and news.  See Melody’s Cause Fund

Merlin Clarke
Merlin Clarke, co-founder and the Head of Happenings at Dogeared Jewelry,  cares about leaving the world better than he found it. See Merlin’s Cause Fund 

Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen, the Vice President of Sales at Foursquare, cares about finding a cure to Kidney Cancer, to Alzheimer’s, and to finding less toxic treatments for children suffering from Cancer. Michael’s father passed away from Kidney Cancer and his grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s, so the work of these organizations is near to his family’s heart. See Michael’s Cause Fund  

Miki Reynolds
Miki Reynolds, a co-founder and Executive Director of Grid110, cares about supporting the development of a startup culture in Downtown Los Angeles as well as the fearless leaders at the helm of this movement. See Miki’s Cause Fund

Minh Le
Minh Le is an entrepreneur & CEO of Bedlam Creative Agency is a champion for diversity & supports the immigrant community through organizations like the ACLU, American Immigration Council, Auyda & American Red Cross:  See Minh’s Cause Fund

Miranda Barnard
Miranda Barnard, the Director of Communications at Sorensen Media, cares about supporting children’s health, women’s cancers, and refugee support. She believes that when we help overlooked individuals, it not only helps these individuals but our society as a whole.   See Miranda’s Cause Fund

Molly Fienning
Molly Fienning is the co-founder of Babiators, a leading sunglasses brand for babies and kids, and she cares about the working class community members of Charleston.  See Molly’s Cause Fund

Monique Tallon
Monique Tallon, a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Higher Path Consulting, cares about providing relief to the individuals affected by the devastating effects of the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico. She reminds us, “The tragedy doesn’t stop when news stop talking about it.”  See Monique’s Cause Fund

Natascha French
Natascha French, the Chief Marketing Officer at VNTANA, cares about cures and education for children who need a helping hand. See Natascha’s Cause Fund

Paul Hirose
Paul Hirose, the Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie LLP, cares about putting an end to human trafficking. As he reminds us, “there are more human beings trapped in forced labor than at any time in history… forced labor touches the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the electronics we use.” See Paul’s Cause Fund 

Rebecca McQuigg Rigal
Rebecca McQuigg Rigal, an Independent Consultant who preferentially works with organizations and companies geared towards positive change in communities, cares about people and the planet. She believes it is “our duty as human beings to support each other and contribute to a better world for all lives and future generations.”  See Rebecca’s Cause Fund

Seth Levy
Seth Levy, a Managing Partner at Nixon Peabody, an organization that sees 21st century law as a tool to help shape their clients’ futures, cares about supporting the LGBTQ community through youth empowerment and legal advocacy. See Seth’s Cause Fund

Stephen Kane
Stephen Kane is the founder of legal tech startup FairClaims, and an as an LA native, passionately believes that street vending is a rich part of our culture and street vendor entrepreneurs ought to be supported. See Stephen’s Cause Fund

Susan Walsh
Susan Walsh, the Senior Marketing Manager at AT&T, cares about lifting up vulnerable and marginalized people by leveling the playing field through education, medicine, and policy change. See Susan’s Cause Fund 

Suzanna Learner
Suzanna Learner, the founder of Michael Stars, cares about women’s rights. As Hillary Clinton said, “Women’s rights are human rights.” See Suzanna’s Cause Fund

Tom Ogletree
Tom Ogletree, the Director of Social Impact and External Affairs at General Assembly, cares about empowering people to transform their lives and reach their fullest potential. He is a believer that “talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not,” and this is why he supports organizations who exist to see this through. See Tom’s Cause Fund

Talitha Baker
Talitha Baker, the Operations Manager at Fullscreen Media, cares about promoting everyday kindness by supporting vulnerable populations of people, including children experiencing the negative effects of bullying, children being targeted to be child soldiers in Central Africa, and children who are vulnerable to being forced into the sex trade. Whether they are kids in her neighborhood, in her city, or across the world, she shows them kindness that causes change through her support. See Talitha’s Cause Fund

Vanessa Stofenmacher
Vanessa Stofenmacher, the founder and Creative Director at Vrai & Oro, a jewelry line recently acquired by Diamond Foundry which is invested in by Leonardo Dicaprio, cares about women’s education and empowerment. She says, “For too long, women have been conditioned to think that our differences are our weaknesses when in reality they are our strengths.” See Vanessa’s Cause Fund 

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