Major Brands Step Up on Giving Tuesday ’23

It’s that time of the year again—Giving Tuesday is here, and it’s more exciting than ever! This marks our fourth consecutive year running our Shop for Good platform, a powerful initiative aimed at empowering brands to make a meaningful impact by giving back and fostering purpose-driven identities.

From the early stages of venturing into this space, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in brands embracing the concept of purpose. What was once a pioneering effort on our part has evolved into a widespread movement, with brands incorporating giving back into the very core of their identities.

Throughout this journey, we’ve gained invaluable insights and observed the success of numerous campaigns. Armed with this knowledge, we are proud to have exceptional brand partners who have played a visionary role in propelling the purpose-driven brand movement forward. Because, let’s face it, our communities, people, and the world at large are yearning for goodness more than ever!


  • Nonprofit: Project Healthy Minds
  • Give Back: Donating 15% of Sales
  • DailyKarma Campaign Type: Portion of Sales

Over the years, Olly has not only been a wellness champion with their products but has also stood out as a beacon for non-profits making a positive impact on countless lives. This Giving Tuesday, they’ve rolled out one of the most generous ways a brand can contribute: a percentage of all sales going to charity. As pioneers in cause marketing, we’ve had the honor of fueling their giveback campaigns for several years.

This time around, Olly is turning up the volume on their support for Project Healthy Minds with an attention-grabbing homepage takeover that’s impossible to overlook. They’ve seamlessly woven this impactful campaign into their marketing mix, including SMS, ensuring it not only catches the eye but also tugs at the hearts of their dedicated shoppers. Here’s to Olly, not just for championing our well-being but for leading the way in making a positive difference in the community

olly sms

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

  • Nonprofit: Rare Impact Fund
  • Give Back: $10 to the Rare Impact Fund and receive a $20 discount sitewide
  • DailyKarma Campaign Type:  Donate for Discount

In a remarkable four-year streak, Rare Beauty continues to embody its authentic, purpose-driven brand ethos through the consistent rollout of impactful giveback campaigns. The key to their authenticity lies in unwavering commitment. Each year, on Giving Tuesday, Rare Beauty takes this commitment to new heights with its most influential giving campaign, offering shoppers a compelling $20 discount when contributing to the Rare Impact Fund. 

This strategy not only elevates Rare Beauty above the noise of conventional discounts but also rewards shoppers for actively participating in the act of giving back. It’s an approach that aligns seamlessly with their authentic brand narrative, setting Rare Beauty apart in a world where sincerity and genuine purpose make all the difference.

Loeffler Randall

  • Nonprofit: God’s Love We Deliver
  • Give Back: 20% off when you donate $10
  • DailyKarma Campaign Type: Donate for Discount 

We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with their team for the past few years on their impactful give-back campaigns and memorable Giving Tuesday initiatives. This year, they’re making waves by introducing an official “Give Back Sale” – a first-of-its-kind move that’s catching our attention with a dedicated section on their website.

Our “Donate for Discount” campaign is a great way to engage shoppers in their mission, inviting them to be a part of something greater while receiving a heartfelt thank-you in the form of a discount. It’s a win-win campaign that resonates with both the brand and its customers. We’re excited to see this innovative step in the world of cause marketing and excited to see Rare Beauty and Loeffler and Randall embrace it!

S’well / Lifetime Brands

  • Nonprofit: Feeding America
  • Give Back: Donate $1 through their site at checkout
  • DailyKarma Campaign Type: Custom Donation

Practically every household in our neighborhood has, at some point, owned a Swell bottle. Leveraging its extensive consumer reach, Swell is harnessing its influence for a positive cause, raising awareness and supporting Feeding America. This Giving Tuesday, they’re making it easy for shoppers to contribute by incorporating our custom donate campaign at checkout, encouraging a $1 donation. 

What stands out is Swell’s impeccable marketing strategy, particularly through email and social media channels. Their efforts play a significant role in amplifying awareness for one of the most cherished causes in the U.S., dedicated to feeding those in need. It’s a testament to Swell’s commitment to making a meaningful impact and using their widespread influence for the greater good



  • Nonprofit: Doctors without Borders USA
  • Give Back: Donate $5, Pehr will match your donations
  • DailyKarma Campaign Type:  Custom donation + Matching Gifts

Parents everywhere cherish Pehr’s organic clothing for their little ones. The company is now backing the non-profit Doctors Without Borders to facilitate global medical care access. Pehr seamlessly integrates its give-back initiatives into the shopping experience, raising awareness for the organization and empowering shoppers to add donations on every product detail page or at checkout. 

The generosity doesn’t end there—Pehr pledges to match all contributions, doubling the impact on individuals in need worldwide. This initiative not only elevates the brand’s reputation but also empowers customers to join a larger mission with every purchase, showcasing Pehr’s dedication to social responsibility.

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