Case Study

How Ivory Ella inspired 21,400 shoppers to donate with one campaign

Campaign Overview

Ivory Ella and Shop for Good’s relationship started with one campaign and blossomed into many months of successful charitable roll-outs using % of Sales and Donate for Discount.

Ivory Ella is a proud partner of Save the Elephants and, with the technical assistance of Shop for Good, orients the entirety of their business around their mission statement.

Shop for Good works with their agency, Buckland Co, to support Ivory Ella’s dedication to promoting a sustainable business model, eco-friendly manufacturing, the spread of knowledge about elephants, and charitable giving.

The Strategy

Shop for Good provides the website integration and financial assistance to route 10% of all of Ivory Ella’s proceeds to Save the Elephants, among other organizations promoting wildlife literacy and endangered species stewardship.

With Shop for Good managing the logistics, Ivory Ella can pour more time into promoting its cause and offering a constantly changing set of products to bring in donations.


Shop for Good’s option for consumers to add on donations in exchange for a discount (using Donate for Discount) proved to be a massive boon for Ivory Ella.

57% of consumers chose to donate.

This shot their AOV up by 18% and spurred donations calculated off $1.4M in total sales.

A one-day campaign alone saw a 225% increase from projected totals.

Campaign Results

"57% of people who purchased from us wanted to give back. The conversion rate went up day over day by 65% with Shop for Good."

Rich Henney, Co-founder of Ivory Ella

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