Inspiring Breast Cancer Cause Marketing Campaigns

It’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung. Summer has offered an unwanted sauna sesh. And now it’s time for Fall!

Now that doesn’t just mean it’s time for Pumpkin Spice everything or time to break out the Halloween candy and costumes. It means it’s time to get out all things pink and plan your upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness campaign!

There are so many impactful Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns we’ve seen and been a part of over the years. To support great brands and the many charitable organizations they give back to, we’ve highlighted our top five BCA campaigns to help inspire ideas for your brand:

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Adina’s Jewels

Adina’s Jewels is an NYC labor of love. Founded independently by Adina Kamkhatchi and named after her late grandmother, the fashion brand took off with the help of her mother and brother. Today, Adina’s is a gorgeous line adorning people all over the world. Adina’s partnered this year with BCRF to match all round-up customer donations. This month, 10% off all purchases from the Pink Collection supports BCRF!

Banglez Bazar

Banglez Bazar is as mission-driven as you can get. The incredible craftsmanship on display at marketplaces in South Asia was Christina’s inspiration. Supporting the silk farmers, embroiderers, and artisans who created each piece became her mission. Christina weaves together her zeal for charitable giving and her travel-honed skills in her own jewelry line. Everything is carefully curated and beautiful. Find something you love, donate at checkout, and support Keep-A-Breast!

Beth Jewelry

Beth Jewelry was created with an eye for simple, playful, airy designs. It was born at Southern California arts and crafts shows and grew to the powerhouse jewelry line it is today. Every piece speaks with Beth’s voice, representing something close to her heart, and she goes above and beyond to create new pieces with an intention. This year alone, she’s introduced the rainbow heart bracelet to celebrate diversity a sweet flower necklace to support voting rights. 5% of all sales and 15% of the handmade, sterling silver “boobies” necklace sales support BCRF!


A family business based out of and inspired by Los Angeles, Ettika believes that confidence is the greatest accessory. Their gorgeous pieces are a close second. Created to boost that confidence and let you express your best self, Ettika is timeless, authentic, and unique. To make their work more impressive, they donate to a rotating selection of charities year-round. Get 15% off your purchase with a $5 donation supporting the Keep A Breast Foundation!

Lori Bonn Design, Inc.

Founder Lori left the corporate world to embrace her creativity and live her passion, and Lori Bonn Design is for everyone who wants to do the same. Each piece’s sparkle is here to represent your inner sparkle, and remind you to share it with the world and embrace it in others. 100% of all proceeds from the We Need A Cure charm and necklace supports Keep A Breast!

Mignonne Gavigan

“Serendipity” is more than just a word to Mignonne Gavigan. It’s a lived experience. From a chance fabric accessory to a written-in-the-stars partnership, Mignonne’s journey from cult following to major brand feels a little bit magical. Each piece is a work of art and a doorway to something unexpected. Get 15% off your purchase with a $5 donation to support BCRF!


RAEN was founded by surfers and change-makers to build the kind of eyewear they wanted to see (and see through). RAEN thrives because of its communal spirit and everyone wearing a pair. That made deciding to give it their all for Breast Cancer Awareness Month easy. RAEN came together to support their brand ambassadors, customers, friends, and coworkers affected without a second thought. For every purchase made, $20 will go to support Keep A Breast!

Shop Charged

Shop Charged isn’t a collection of products, it’s a collection of tools to keep in your self care-belt. Focused on healing and wellness, Shop Charged brings the sacred and the self together to recharge your entire energetic being. Charged is spreading that well-being throughout the community, hand-picking charities each month to support. Save 15% when you donate $5 to support Keep A Breast!


Adam Block Design

Los Angeles-born and Las Vegas-based, Adam Block Design is dedicated to highlighting all the best aspects of Greek Life. The core Greek values? Sister/Brotherhood, Leadership, Philanthropy, and Fun Memories. Adam Block’s core values? Originality, Happiness, and Awesomeness! Their commitment to community spreads beyond the Greek family, and their charitable efforts reflect that. A portion of all F🎀ck Cancer t-shirt sales this month supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)!


The Felina woman is bold. She’s an individual. She works hard, plays hard, and still practices self-care and self-love. Felina’s mission is to support all women of all shapes and sizes in achieving their goals and standing out from the crowd. Felina’s philosophy is all about creating a community of women who support and empower each other. All apparel is comfortable, stylish, and high-quality. Get 20% off all Donate for Discount styles with a $1 donation supporting BCRF!

Freedom Rave Wear

Freedom Rave Wear is the embodiment of PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. It was born out of a commitment to the festival community and a deep appreciation for all the fashion that goes with it. FRW grew from one couple in their living room to the same (now married!) couple with a full team and office space. Not only are their styles here to spread joy, each piece of clothing is designed and made with an eye toward its environmental, social, and economic impact. 10% of all proceeds from the Strawberry Tie Dye sets support BCRF!

Krimson Klover

To get an idea of who Krimson Klover is, all you need to know is founder Rhonda Swenson’s biggest goal – being able to ski until she’s 90. They’re creating clothing to augment your adventures and help you every step of the way as you live your biggest life possible. Krimson Klover is slow fashion, where everything is sustainable, ethically sourced, and made with intention. Get 10% off your order when you donate $10 to support BCPP!


Lunautics was born out of the love and exhilaration of music festivals and hasn’t stopped grooving for a second since. A small business that’s not looking to stop growing, Lunautics is for the community first and foremost. Their breast cancer campaign is just one of several past and many many more to come highlighting an important cause. Every product is imbued with the spirit of creativity and diversity. All beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free. 10% of all sales from the Moobies collection supports BCRF!

Marisa in Motion

Marisa in Motion founder, Marisa Fuller, has a story to tell. After spending 20 years in advertising, she put her all into transforming her love of Pilates into her full-time job. Not only did she open her own Pilates studio, she started designing the awesome apparel you’re looking at now. For Marisa, Pilates was a way to get through the tough times in life, including undergoing preventative surgeries for breast cancer. Her mission is to share that strength and kinship with the global Pilates community. So far, Marisa in Motion has raised $2,342 for breast cancer research! 10% of all proceeds support BCRF, Keep A Breast, NBCF, and the Previvor Organization! Especially feeling the holiday spirit? Add on a customized donation at checkout.

Maximum Beauties LLC

For Summer, the inspiration for Maximum Beauties LLC comes from her two daughters. The unique styles showcased on Maximum Beauties come from an appreciation of their unique styles and a shared passion for fashion. Beyond clothing, Maximum Beauties is a brand that advocates for its communities and works full-time to lift women up. 10% of all purchases support BCRF, Keep A Breast, and NBCF!


Babe Lash

Babe Lash is all about feeling beautiful. Beauty isn’t a specific collection of features, either. For Babe Lash, beauty is “easy, lighthearted, and fun.” They’re on a mission to inspire confidence and help you embrace the individual things that make you beautiful. This October, Babe Lash is empowering all the babes to get educated and get in the habit of self-exams for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Round up any of your purchases to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)!

Honua Skincare

Honua Skincare is the synthesis of everything near and dear to Kapua Browning. It brings together her love of skincare and her years of experience as an esthetician with her Hawaiian culture. Honua is more than skincare. It’s a ritual and vehicle to bring aloha into the world. Honua’s success comes from its deep respect for Mother Earth, the heart of the company, and its integration of traditional Hawaiian healing practices. 30% of all proceeds from the MALU SPF30 Protecting Day Cream supports the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP)!

KORA Organics

Kora Organics is formulated to make your skin the healthiest it can be with organic, natural ingredients. Kora is COSMOS-certified, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. Your skin deserves the best, and with Kora, you can be confident that you’re getting it. Shop with Kora, and you’ll be helping charitable organizations year-round. Add on a donation at checkout to support Keep A Breast, Sisters Network Inc, and Breast Cancer Charities of America (if you’re in the US); or NBCF, Australian Breast Cancer Research, and the McGrath Foundation (if you’re in Australia!)

SEN Organics

In Vietnamese, “hae sen” means “lotus flower.” SEN Organics derived its name there, choosing to embody everything that the lotus flower represents. For themselves and for their community, the three sisters who founded the brand strive to hold purity, enlightenment, hope, and strength at their core. SEN Organics is free of all 1,328 toxic chemicals recognized by the EU, meaning you can count on every product to be truly clean. 40% of all sales of the Joyful lipstick supports the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center!

Food & Drink

JUST Water

JUST Water knows that it’s more than just water. Every bottle is an encouragement to make conscious choices for the planet. Every sip inspires you to feel good and go out and do good for your community. JUST is investing in their local community of Glen Falls, NY, and in their global community. Their commitment to the Earth is unshakable, so every bottle is 100% recyclable with a 74% carbon emissions reduction over plastic. They’re even certified by the Forest Stewardship Council! JUST is here to get involved with all the causes that impact their world, making the pink collection their second socially-conscious effort alongside the #VoteReady campaign. 25% of all pink carton sales support BCRF, as does 100% of all donations collected when you round up at checkout!

Lonesome Rider Coffee Company

The lonesome rider of Lonesome Rider Coffee Company could be any one of us, searching for our dreams, wherever the road takes us. Joe Hale started making coffee to bring his childhood memories, waking up to the smell, and the love that comes with it to his community. Each bag of beans combines Western cowboy lore with incredible quality from around the world, and every purchase supports veterans’ organizations. 25% of all proceeds from the breast cancer awareness product line supports BCRF, Keep A Breast, and NBCF!


Milkweed is built on partnerships. Based out of Burlington, Vermont, Monarch and the Milkweed hatched these delicious cannabis confections by working hand-in-hand with members all across the restaurant community. They’re an intersection of fine dining and local living. For each piece sold, $2 will go to support Keep A Breast!

Let’s all be inspired this fall! Take the first step and start planning your next campaign.

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