How To Use Your Store For Good This Giving Tuesday (And Beyond)

Did you know that Giving Tuesday is just around the corner? This global generosity movement is happening worldwide on November 29th. You don’t want to miss out on using your Shopify store for good this Giving Tuesday and every day ending in Y!

‘How?’ do you ask?

The answer is cause marketing, baby!

Let us, the folks at DailyKarma, teach about how you can increase e-commerce sales and strengthen brand loyalty while being a catalyst for positive change.

Pull up a chair, grab a strong cup of coffee with however many shots of pumpkin spice you need to rile you up for an essential lesson on using your business to help nonprofits thrive!

Pssst, if you just want the bare bones of launching the most effective Giving Tuesday campaign in 2022, we put together a guide for that. Download it for absolutely free over here!

Why Should You Use Your Store for Good?

We find that there are two types of people who want to throw their business behind Giving Tuesday and up their social responsibility. Some do it for the greater good, and others know that corporate social responsibility (CSR, for short) is good for business. No judgment either way!

Did you know that 42% of consumers view you based on their perception of your CSR activities? That’s almost half. Are you ready to take it one step further? Take a look at how brand activism influences consumer behavior.

Using your Shopify store for good is a moral obligation for many people. It’s a fantastic way to give back to the communities that have helped you succeed. That means taking a closer look at who your customer base is and giving money to causes that impact them directly.

Additionally, a Giving Tuesday campaign helps engage your customers and clients. When you discuss the causes that are important to you as a company, you can engage with customers in new and vital ways; rather than always connecting around a product or service, which can feel empty at times, talking about the bigger picture creates positive relationships with your clients.

Creative Ways to Give with Shopify

At DailyKarma, we created Shop For Good as an ideal plug-in for your Shopify store that helps impact customer loyalty by giving back to charity. In this section, we’ll explore some creative ways you can give back this Giving Tuesday using Shop for Good.

Our favorite analogy is that if you had to choose between two cakes that are the same price, but one of them has icing on it, which would you choose? Obviously, you’d choose the one with icing; you’re not a monster! (Hush, Debbie Downer, nobody wants to hear that you don’t have a sweet tooth.)

With Shop for Good, our icing, sprinkles, and cinnamon swirl are purpose, values, and impact.

Impact Widgets for Impactful Cause Marketing

When your customer reaches the checkout area, we provide Impact Widgets that incentivize and gently encourage them to join in on your shared mission to impact the world with their purchase.

Creative Ways to Contribute As a Business

Portion of Sales: there’s something about the brand that is willing to put its money where its charity mouth is by designating a part of its sales. Display your campaign on your website to proudly show your customers how they contribute to the greater good.

Donation Matching: by matching whatever donation your customer is giving, you maximize your impact and work together to create change. Remember when your parents used to match your donation when you were at school doing charitable activities? Same idea! Giving Tuesday firmly believes that we can make more of an impact together. This is so important that more ways to contribute together are coming up later.

Creative Ways Customers Can Contribute

Rally your customers around your mission and up customer engagement and impact without affecting your margins in the process.

Round-up at Checkout: it’s the lightest touch of giving! It’s the digital version of telling someone to “Keep the change!” Engage your customers by giving them a chance to donate their change to the cause of your choice at the cart or checkout level. Even the tiniest bit can make a big difference when we rally together.

Donation Tiers ($1, $5, $10): let’s be honest, sometimes being faced with a blank box for a set amount you can donate leads to decision paralysis. In the end, many potential donators choose nothing because they’re unsure of what is expected. You take the guesswork out of it by giving preset tiers ranging from $1 to $10.

$1 at Checkout: For the price of a (very cheap) cup of coffee, your customers can help your cause of choice. Who doesn’t have $1 to add to their order to give to a good cause? This amount is low enough to become a no-brainer and thus become a catalyst for good.

Creative Ways to Contribute Together

These ways rely on the beauty of reward psychology!

Gift with Donation: you remember the pie analogy. In this case, the whipped cream, icing, and chocolate swirl are a little gift you include with an order. This doesn’t have to be expensive; even something small can have a high perceived value and turn your new customer into a long-term fan.

Donate for Discount: the beauty of donating for a discount is that you’re engaging in reciprocity; in this instance, it is known boostAOV by a whopping 61%! They give to charity; you provide them with a discount. That’s the giving spirit all over! Perfect for Giving Tuesday. And beyond.

DailyKarma and Shop for Good

At DailyKarma, our mission is to increase e-commerce sales and strengthen brand loyalty with the beauty of cause marketing. We offer a robust suite of free, easy-to-install campaigns ready to launch in minutes. Easy peasy if you have just noticed that Giving Tuesday is only weeks (or days) away!

Book a free demo today to see how easy it is for yourself!

Go beyond product & price with purpose & impact.

Turn the social causes you care about most, into engaging ecommerce experiences that deliver meaningful impact and measurable business results.

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