Case Study

Harney & Sons achieved a 69.3% repeat purchase rate with Shop for Good

Campaign Overview

Renowned gourmet tea brand Harney & Sons has leveraged multiple tools from Shop for Good since launching in April 2020 to raise an impressive amount of funds for various nonprofits throughout the year.

Running Round-Up with Custom Donations with customer’s choice as their year-round option at checkout, plus matching donations, has allowed the brand to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

For Giving Tuesday 2020, Harney & Sons additionally ran a Donation Tiers campaign with a follow-up coupon to incentivize repeat purchases.

All the while, the brand has matched donations and showcased its impact through the Shop for Good Impact Tracker.

The Strategy

Because this tea juggernaut is so embedded in its local communities and values staying connected to their customers across the U.S., Harney & Sons wanted a way to engage their shoppers in the giving process while shining a light on the organizations they care about most.

By allowing customers to choose from a curated group of nonprofits, Harney & Sons is also able to better understand what customers are passionate about and continue to build loyalty with them.

To amplify their holiday campaigns during the 2020 season, Harney & Sons integrated the Donation Tiers campaign on all product detail pages for Giving Tuesday and incentivized customers to donate to receive a discount code off their next purchase. The brand did this on top of running Round-Up at checkout.


Rare Beauty ran a fully custom Donate for Discount campaign, fully integrated and custom-designed for the brand by Shop for Good.

On an evergreen basis, Harney & Sons allows shoppers to round up their order at checkout and meets customers halfway by also matching their donation.

For Giving Tuesday 2020, Harney & Sons ran a limited-time Donation Tiers campaign with a follow-up coupon to incentivize repeat purchases. This campaign alone raised more than $3,300 (including matched donations). Plus it led to a 69.3% repeat purchase rate for these customers.

These efforts have allowed the brand to facilitate raising $45,864 to date (as of March 2021) for various nonprofits through customer as well as brand donations since launching their cause marketing campaigns through Shop for Good in April 2020.

Campaign Results

"As a company that was founded in a small town, supporting our communities is a mission we want to keep high on our list. Using Shop for Good by DailyKarma's tool allows us to encourage our customers to make donations to the causes that are nearest to us while giving us the insight we need to match those donations as well."

Emeric Harney, Harney & Sons

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