The Ultimate Guide to Giving Tuesday with Shopify [2022]

What Shopify stores use to differentiate online, drive conversions, and prompt return customers through giving.

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Creative ways to give with your Shopify store

Incentivize and encourage customers to join in on your shared mission to make a greater impact in the world, through the purchase of your product(s).

Offer a discount when a customer donates a preset amount to charity. Donate for Discount campaigns have been repeatedly shown to increase average order value (AOV) and cart conversions as well as deepen customer engagement.

Display our campaign anywhere on your website to show your customers how they’re contributing to the greater good when they shop at your store, increasing brand loyalty with every sale.

Customers round up their total to any amount they would like to donate to your chosen non-profit. Display this campaign at cart or during the checkout process

Provide shoppers with preset donation amounts to choose from or let them type in a custom amount. Display the campaign on your product pages, at the cart level, or during the checkout process.

Offer customers a gift from any product in your store. Campaigns like, “Donate $5 to a nonprofit of your choice and get this awesome tote bag as our gift to you.

Amplify your commitment to causes your customers care about and meet them in the middle, differentiating your brand and bolstering both brand loyalty and impact. Just say the word and we’ll run your matching on the back-end to double your customers’ impact.

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Effortlessly make giving apart of your brand identity

With Shop for Good, you have the power to turn social causes into engaging ecommerce experiences that affect real change and real growth. By bringing purpose to the forefront of the customers experience, brands are able to cultivate deeper relationships around shared values. This drives the most profitable customer behavior: influencing customer spend, loyalty, and advocacy.

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Go beyond product & price with purpose & impact.

Turn the social causes you care about most, into engaging ecommerce experiences that deliver meaningful impact and measurable business results.

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