How to Choose the Best Cause Marketing Campaign for Your Brand

Here at Shop for Good by DailyKarma we love giving back — as we’ve repeatedly proven with our case studies, giving back to charity pays off. But how do you choose the best cause marketing campaign for your brand when you’re starting out?

We’ve got you covered!

From donating a portion of your sales to inviting customers to donate in exchange for a discount, we’ve got multiple options to fit your needs and goals throughout the year.

We invite you to mix and match the following options as a bold way to elevate your mission-driven brand.

How to choose the best cause marketing campaign for your brand

Portion of Sales

Portion of Sales is great for brands that want to designate a portion of sales to charity and showcase commitment to a cause.

You can display our campaign anywhere on your website (homepage, a mission page, product page, cart, or at checkout if you’re on Shopify Plus) to show your customers how they’re contributing to the greater good when they shop at your store, increasing brand loyalty with every sale.

This campaign is included with all our plans.

Round-Up Classic

Round-Up is a beautiful option for brands that wish to engage customers in giving while using a classic lighter touch. Let your shoppers easily make a difference by donating their change to a cause of your choice at the cart or checkout level (checkout available for Shopify Plus stores only).

Round-Up is included with all our plans.

Round-Up with Custom Donations

Use Round-Up with Custom Donations when you want to invite your customers to donate and give them flexibility — all while using a lighter touch. You can also offer a discount in exchange for the donation and allow for custom donations.

You can display this campaign at cart or during the checkout process (available for Shopify Plus only).

This campaign is included with our Emerging and Scaling brands plans.

Donate for Discount

Donate for Discount is our flagship campaign. It lets you leverage the power of “give and get” to put a new narrative around your existing discount structure and give your sales an edge. These impactful campaigns offer a discount when a customer donates a preset amount to charity.

Donate for Discount has been repeatedly shown to increase average order value (AOV) and cart conversions as well as deepen customer engagement. It’s a wonderful, captivating way to run sales and stand out from comeptitors at the same time.

Please note that for best results, we recommend running this as your most seductive offer for the duration of your campaign. For instance, if you’re offering 15% off through Donate for Discount, don’t simultaneously run a 25% off sale on different items as this will hurt the conversions of your giving campaign.

Donate for Discount is included with our Emerging and Scaling brands plans.

Donation Tiers

Donation Tiers is one of our most popular campaigns. You can use this campaign to rally your customers around your mission to ramp up both customer engagement and impact — without affecting margins. Provide shoppers with preset donation amounts to choose from or let them type in a custom amount.

Display the campaign on your product pages, at the cart level, or during the checkout process (the latter available for Shopify Plus stores).
Donation Tiers is included with our Emerging and Scaling plans.

Custom Amount Donation

The Custom Amount campaign is for when you wish to invite shoppers to donate a single specific amount. It’s similar to Round Up but ensures that the donation is a little larger than just a few cents.

For the free Entrepreneur plan, this amount defaults to $1. On our Emerging and Scaling Brands plans, you can change the $1 to any amount you wish.

Matching Donations

Amplify your commitment to causes your customers care about and meet them in the middle by matching their donations, differentiating your brand and bolstering both brand loyalty and impact. You can combine matching with any other campaign, like Donate for Discount (seen above).

Just say the word and we’ll run your matching on the back-end to double your customers’ impact. We include matching donations with our Emerging and Scaling plans.

After choosing the best cause marketing campaign for you… what’s next?

The success of a cause marketing campaign depends on how you promote it.

We’ve got best practices for a successful giving campaign for you here — see where you can place the campaign widgets on your storefront and ideas for how you can educate your audience about your cause.

Now that you know the ins and outs of our giving options and can choose the best cause marketing campaign for your brand… what’ll it be? Remember you can swap them out anytime you like. Try one and see how your audience likes it!

Have questions? Email us at support[at] for assistance.

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