11 Charity Donation Apps To Help Your Brand’s Purpose Driven Mission

11 Charity Donation Apps To Help Your Brand’s Purpose Driven Mission

If you’re anything like us at DailyKarma, you love giving back. Giving to charity is a fantastic way to up your karmic brownie points, but it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out the best way to make giving back easy for yourself, your customers, and the world.

In this article, we’ve got you covered. We’ll dive head-first into what charity donation apps are and what types there are. We’ll also introduce you to our top 15 (that’s right, 15!) charity donation apps and help you figure out the best way to choose the best one for your needs.

Of course, we’re on the list, too. While we’d give ourselves the top spot forever more, we know giving back isn’t one size fits all, and there’s enough room for all of us to do plenty of good in the world.

What Are Charity Donation Apps?

Charity donation apps are platforms for digital fundraising that connect like-minded online businesses, charities, and donors in one place. Whenever a consumer makes a purchase, donation apps enable people to do good by donating to charity. They also benefit brands by helping them become more purpose driven and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

15 Charity Donation Apps for Your Online Business

1. Shop for Good

Shop for Good allows businesses to engage their consumers in supporting the charity throughout their shopping journey.  Business owners can run up to seven different campaigns like rounding up change to charity, receiving discounts for donations, and allowing customers to pick which charity the brand should donate a portion of sales to. The platform also comes with robust analytics to show brand donations coming in and how these campaigns have helped increase customer loyalty.

Pricing: A wide range of plans are available for businesses of every size.

More about Shop for Good

2. Sell & Care Charity & Donation

Sell & Care Charity & Donation connects charitable organizations with merchants and strong brands to create more resources and visibility for the organization. Businesses select products to include in their campaign and a portion of those sales is contributed to the organization of their choosing.

Pricing: Free to install

More about Sell & Care Charity & Donation

3. Easy Donation

Easy Donation is an app ideal for nonprofit organizations with stores that want to raise money for charity through their stores. For nonprofits stores, they offer product landing pages that allow people to make donations to charity, without having to purchase a product.

Pricing: Free trial and paid plans from $6.99/mo

More about Easy Donation

4. DonateMate

DonateMate enables customers to input the amount they want to give to charity. The amount is added to their cart. This app is ideal for new stores that want a quick and simple way to collect money for charity.

Pricing: Free or paid plans from $10/mo

More about DonateMate

5. DonationPop

DonationPop gives customers the ability to donate to a charity the business supports in checkout. This app is ideal for stores that want a donation option to pop up during checkout. This app gives a delightful surprise for shoppers with the option to give back before they finalize their purchases.

Pricing: Free or $9.99/mo

More about DonationPop

6. Sprout: Plant Trees Grow Sales

Sprout: Plant Trees Grow Sales is an app that allows business owners to plant a tree through total purchase values or specific products. The app is linked with Eden Reforestation Projects which is helping to restore natural habitats. A tree counter can be added to your website; it updates automatically every time a customer makes a purchase.

Pricing: Free to install

More about Sprout

7. St. Jude Donation App

This app links to your business’s check-out process by allowing consumers to choose a specific amount to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The app handles all payouts leaving business owners to focus on their business while still helping others.

Pricing: Free

More about St. Jude Donation

8. Donate By Sale

Donate By Sale lets business owners tell their customers about specific impacts their purchases will make. For example, “When you buy this product, we will plant three trees.” Impact rules for purchases are automatic and the app tracks all donations and makes payouts for the business owner.

Pricing: Free to install

More about Donate By Sale

9. One Tree Planted At Checkout

One Tree Planted makes it easy for business owners to support global sustainability. The app creates a line on its check-out page for consumers to donate one dollar and plant one tree. Hassle-free, it is a great way for businesses to help rebuild our world’s forests.

Pricing: Free

More about One Tree Planted At Checkout

10. Donate Source – Donation

This app adds a simple donation option to your store’s product and cart page. The customer can choose an amount from a drop-down menu or type in a custom amount. It’s easy and connects businesses to issues and organizations important to you.

Pricing: From $2.99/mo

More about Donate Source – Donation

11. Share The Love by W3

Share the Love by W3 partners with business owners to give their consumers a say in what charities the business will donate to. The donations are either a flat amount or a percentage of the cart total. Owners are responsible for the payout of donations collected.

Pricing: $5.99/mo

More about Share The Love by W3

How to Choose a Charity Donation App

In conclusion, the best way to choose the perfect charity donation app for you is to evaluate your needs and budget against the offerings of each app. No matter where you are in your giving journey, you can use one of these apps to make a difference worldwide.

From everyone here at DailyKarma, thank you for joining us in helping the greater good!

Olly is donating 15% of its sales today to SeekHer Foundation. Olly has partnered with the SeekHer Foundation to support research and programs benefiting women and practitioners who identify as BIPOC. To date, OLLY has given $100,000 towards these programs that help empower conversations about mental health. 

Learn more about their mission here.

Rare Beauty has launched its Holiday Gift Guide 6 DAYS OF GIFTING and is giving 15% off sitewide when customers donate $10 today. Rare Beauty has been donating 1% of its sales to the Rare Impact Fund to increase access to mental health services for all. This season of giving, they have special products that will make you feel extra good about the gifts that give back.

Check out 6 Days of Gifting today.

Pink Chicken NY just launched their Pinkie Banks Initiative and will be matching all donations made on Giving Tuesday. We admire Pink Chicken for highlighting the importance of giving back at a young age. This initiative will benefit multiple organizations such as Humble Design, CASA-NYC, and Hearts of Gold, among others. 

Click here to see the Pinkie Bank in action!

Trish McEvoy is donating 20% of sales to CityMeals on Wheels using Portion of Sales campaign. They have been passionate about supporting local New York organizations, which only shows their unparalleled commitment to their local community.

Visit Trish McEvoy to learn more.

Florence By Mills is giving away a special gift using our new feature Donate for Gift! Customers will get a special gift when they donate $15. This brand new campaign will benefit UNICEF, an organization close to founder Millie Bobbie Brown’s heart. (Fun fact: Mills is also a UNICEF Ambasssador!)

See the new widget in action today. 

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