Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide

Whether you’re prepping for a big BFCM launch or an itty bitty giving campaign in the middle of the year, this cause marketing campaign launch master guide covers it all.

From the tech bits to a showcase of gorgeous and compelling marketing promos, skim through this article to find what you need.

Before we jump into the technical bits, let’s take a step back and take a broader look at where to begin.

Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide

How to pick the right giving campaign for your brand

At DailyKarma, we’ve got one campaign that allows the brand to donate a portion of sales (we call it — surprise, surprise — Portion of Sales) and also offer several campaigns that allow your customers to give.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our customer donation campaigns:

  • Round-Up: where the order gets rounded up to the nearest dollar. A low-key, classic way to invite customers to contribute to a cause. (Our Custom Round-Up option allows for shoppers to donate more!)
  • $1 Donation: Make a bigger impact when you invite shoppers to give $1 instead of only a few cents. (Our paid plans allow you to turn this $1 amount into any amount of your choosing a.k.a. Custom Amount.)
  • Donation Tiers: A Shopify store favorite! Your customer chooses from 3 preset donation amounts. You can also allow customers to enter a custom amount if they’re feeling extra generous.
  • Donate for Discount: Our flagship campaign where you reward shoppers — every donation gets a discount on a product or entire order.

You can even meet customers halfway by matching their donations (just email your account manager to set this up!).

Psst… placement matters. Go ahead and play around with our cause marketing widgets in our demo store.

In our demo store, you’ll see our widgets where they appear when using the automatic placement setting. If you wish to place your widgets elsewhere in your store, follow the campaign’s manual placement instructions (accessible via your Shop for Good dashboard).

Okay, now that you’ve picked the right campaign (or a few) to launch with and where you’ll place them in your store, it’s time to pick the cause(s) you wish to support…

Picking the best cause/nonprofit for your brand

As far as U.S.-based nonprofits, any public 501(c)3 goes! (You can also request nonprofits from other countries and we have plenty of them in our system already.)

A successful cause marketing campaign hinges on your brand backing a cause that resonates with your customers and inspires them into action.

Not sure where to start? Read our tips and even watch our well-loved webinar on choosing a nonprofit that resonates with your brand.

Still need a hand? We make personal introductions between our Scaling Brands partners and nonprofits we love all the time — email your account manager to inquire!

Now for the nitty-gritty of launching your cause marketing campaign using Shop for Good by DailyKarma

The tech bits of your cause-related marketing campaign

If you run a big store with discounts and lots of SKUs, these bullet points are for you:

  • Once in your Shop for Good dashboard, you’ll want to add your credit card. You’ll be charged $1 so we can authorize your card — don’t fret, you’ll get that $1 back within a few days 😉
  • Be sure to exclude donations from any discounts! Do this by using Discount Codes instead of Automatic Discounts. Then, create a dynamic collection of products, set it to exclude the donation (filtering by vendor: DailyKarma, for example), and then use that collection for your discounts.
  • Have concerns about your SKUs? Need to sync your donation product settings with your ERP? ← Click those links!

You’ll also want to test your campaign (always!) before pushing it live and promoting it to your audience. Here’s how to test each of our cause marketing campaigns:

Okay, now that you’ve tested your campaign and it’s live, let’s focus on optimizing your customer experience around the donation flow.

Donation product customization

First thing’s first: if you’re running a customer donation campaign, each donation will generate a product. We recommend customizing that donation product image and even the text. 

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide - Biossance donation product
Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide - Lancome donation product
Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide - Kora donation product

Cause Marketing best practices

For a campaign to be successful, people have to know about it! Not to toot our own horn (but we will!): our widgets are beautiful and necessary — YES. 

And also it’s best to promote your campaign throughout your website, emails, social, and even ads for maximum impact and reach. Click over for examples of where on your website to promote your campaign. We’ve also got this gorgeous showcase of on- and off-store marketing promos from some of our amazing brand partners.

If you want to get extra creative, here’s an idea that increased our partner Harney & Sons’ repeat purchase rate by a whopping 69.3%. What Harney did was run Donation Tiers and then send a discount code to each person who donated. They did this by tagging the Donation Tiers product in Klaviyo, triggering an automated email containing a discount code for a future purchase. Again: 69.3% of those who donated came back and shopped again. Give it a shot!

Keep your marketing fresh

While it’s wonderful to run a campaign you love all year long, it’s noteworthy to respond to current events with short-term, timely campaigns. 

For example, if you enjoy supporting Oceana through Round-Up throughout the year, you might also wish to support racial justice in June or indigenous people’s rights in October — perhaps by donating a portion of sales or inviting shoppers to give through Donation Tiers.

You can even let customers choose from a few nonprofits throughout the year and gain valuable psychographic insights over time. No idea yet which causes resonate best with your particular audience? With Shop for Good, you will!

Explore awareness holidays by month — and see our curated list of nonprofit recommendations for each! 

Now it’s time to put this cause marketing campaign launch master guide to use! What campaign will YOU launch to set an example and galvanize your customers into action?

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