Giving Tuesday is a Special Day for Us at DailyKarma

Giving Tuesday is a special day for us at DailyKarma. It’s a day that shines bright not only for our team but our amazing partners that have been working all year to cultivate a purpose-driven brand that engages their customers in giving at every touchpoint.

This marks our 3rd official Giving Tuesday running our flagship product, Shop for Good. Each year gets sweeter and more rewarding for so many reasons. Firstly, the growth of brands joining the conscious consumerism movement has grown exponentially. When we first started this journey, we had a few hundred brands download our solution. Fast forward 3 years, and we have thousands launching campaigns at one time. This is a testament to the growing number of consumers that vote with their dollars and embrace brands that support the causes, communities, and organizations that are impacting our world for the better.

It’s also been a personal joy for our team to get to know the influential marketers behind each purpose-driven brand. Our partners inspire us every day with their innovative ideas and enthusiasm toward integrating their mission into their consumer’s shopping experience. Many of our partners themselves give back in their personal lives, volunteer their time to organizations, and actively support the communities they live in. The heart these individuals give towards the brands they are growing and their own personal missions keeps growing each year and fills our team with pride and joy to be part of their giving journeys.

Giving Tuesday wouldn’t be the same without highlighting the generosity of our many partners today. Thank you to all our partners and the bright star you shine on everyday shoppers that are looking for ways to make a difference.

With Gratitude,
Patty Dao / CEO & Co-Founder

PS: Check out some of our favorite Giving Tuesday Campaigns from our Partners below! ⬇️ 

Olly is donating 15% of its sales today to SeekHer Foundation. Olly has partnered with the SeekHer Foundation to support research and programs benefiting women and practitioners who identify as BIPOC. To date, OLLY has given $100,000 towards these programs that help empower conversations about mental health. 

Learn more about their mission here.

Rare Beauty has launched its Holiday Gift Guide 6 DAYS OF GIFTING and is giving 15% off sitewide when customers donate $10 today. Rare Beauty has been donating 1% of its sales to the Rare Impact Fund to increase access to mental health services for all. This season of giving, they have special products that will make you feel extra good about the gifts that give back.

Check out 6 Days of Gifting today.

Pink Chicken NY just launched their Pinkie Banks Initiative and will be matching all donations made on Giving Tuesday. We admire Pink Chicken for highlighting the importance of giving back at a young age. This initiative will benefit multiple organizations such as Humble Design, CASA-NYC, and Hearts of Gold, among others. 

Click here to see the Pinkie Bank in action!

Trish McEvoy is donating 20% of sales to CityMeals on Wheels using Portion of Sales campaign. They have been passionate about supporting local New York organizations, which only shows their unparalleled commitment to their local community.

Visit Trish McEvoy to learn more.

Florence By Mills is giving away a special gift using our new feature Donate for Gift! Customers will get a special gift when they donate $15. This brand new campaign will benefit UNICEF, an organization close to founder Millie Bobbie Brown’s heart. (Fun fact: Mills is also a UNICEF Ambasssador!)

See the new widget in action today. 


Giving Tuesday: Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard of International Siblings Day (April 10th)?

How about International Coming Out Day (October 11th)?

What about Giving Tuesday on November 29th?

Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s time to add this celebration of generosity to your calendar. Pssst, remember to check whether your mother’s birthday is coming up at the same time.

Are you ready to learn all about Giving Tuesday, why it’s vital for your business, and how you can identify a cause mission that will make a difference to your community? Here at DailyKarma, we’re all about making cause marketing work for you and your Shopify store by strengthening brand loyalty.

What is Giving Tuesday?

In short, Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement all about encouraging people to sprinkle good deeds into their day. This day was launched in 2011 as a direct response to the self-focused shopping extravaganza of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The radical idea is to have an international day filled with volunteering and donating.

Did you know that nearlya third of all charitable giving occurs at the end of the year? The holiday season makes people reflect on what’s important, and Giving Tuesday as a movement taps into that pre-existing charitable spirit. This is your moment as a business to encourage people to give and build awareness around causes of your choosing.

If you’re an individual who wants to get involved with Giving Tuesday, but you’re thinking with times as tough as they are, you can’t possibly donate, we want you to remember that giving doesn’t have to be about monetary value. Every act of generosity is an act of giving, and we firmly believe you have plenty to contribute to your community or charity of choice, from helping your neighbor out, lending your voice to a cause, or donating time to a local homeless shelter.

Why is Giving Tuesday Important?

Giving Tuesday is vital because, similarly to how Black Friday helps businesses sway their accounts to be profitable for the year, it allows nonprofit organizations to raise an unprecedented amount of money compared to the rest of the year.

It’s an opportunity for you to leverage your brand to create unique campaigns on a day dedicated to giving back.

How Can Brands Benefit from Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a moment for you to explore the power of cause marketing. You’ll be surprised by just how much of an impact you can make on a cause you and your customers care about!

You also benefit because many of today’s savvy customers care about the integrity of the businesses they choose to shop with. In fact, 1 in 3 consumers wants to spend more on companies engaged in social good. You see, you have more to gain than a warm fuzzy feeling and a clear conscience!

Some extra benefits to your brand are:

  • Build Consumer Trust: when consumers shop somewhere that demonstrates values beyond profit and revenue, they are more likely to have a long-lasting relationship with that brand.
  • Good Publicity: brands that align themselves with Giving Tuesday get favorable media coverage and upped engagement on social media.
  • Your Employees: whether you’re a company of two or 2,000, 79% of all employees have stated that they prefer working for socially responsible companies. When an employee likes working somewhere, rates of attrition go down.

How Can You Leverage Giving Tuesday as a Brand?

You can get unimaginatively creative with giving back as a brand for Giving Tuesday. You’ve still got over a month to brainstorm and create a cause mission that will rock your consumer’s world.

Here are some Giving Tuesday ideas for your brand:

  • Team volunteer day: it feels good to do good. Why not get a sign-up sheet for volunteering together on Giving Tuesday going? Whether it’s collecting trash on the beach, helping at a soup kitchen, or operating the lines at a local mental health hotline, your team is sure to benefit. As a bonus, your social media channels will also be filled with feel-good content.
  • Donate for discount: DailyKarma’s flagship donation campaign offers your customer a discount when they donate a preset amount to charity. This has been shown to increase average order value, cart conversions and develop deeper customer brand engagement.
  • Incentivize donations with a free product: put the good in social good by rewarding customers with a gift when donating. Try out DailyKarma‘s newest campaign, Donate for Gift.
  • Donate a portion of sales: showcase your commitment to a cause by displaying this campaign freely on your website and social media channels. This type of campaign donates a part of every sale and further increases brand loyalty with every sale.
  • Match donations: game, set, and match donations this Giving Tuesday. Bolster brand loyalty and impact on not-for-profits by matching your customer’s contributions.

Identifying Your Cause Mission

Fact is, you want to be doing good as a brand, but you also need your cause marketing campaign to reflect the values of your customers and your company. That’s no small feat!

Here are some tips to help you identify your cause mission:

#1 Stay in the here and now: What’s impacting your community today? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning that many communities will still have this vital fundraising campaign on their minds for Giving Tuesday.

#2 Think local: support the communities your brand does business with

#3 Be consistent: supporting your mission all year round is essential to ensuring you’re not impact-washing. Consumers want you to back your impact marketing year-round and not just roll it out when it’s useful for your bottom line.

Freebie Guide to Giving Tuesday for Shopify Stores

Do you want to learn more about cause categories, search and vet your ideal nonprofit partner, and how to stay compliant while doing good? We’ve got the perfect guide for you if you’re looking for ways of using Giving Tuesday alongside your Shopify Store! Download this free ultimate guide here and learn how to differentiate yourself online, drive conversions, and gain loyal customers to return to you with the power of giving – on Tuesday and beyond!

About Shop for Good by DailyKarma

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of having to organize a fundraising campaign for Giving Tuesday in a few short weeks? That overwhelm in businesses is precisely why we started DailyKarma in 2018. We build innovative solutions that help brands like yours leverage consumer power for the greater good.

Our goal? Simple! We created Shop for Good by DailyKarma, Shopify’s premiere cause marketing platform. That means giving for Giving Tuesday (and beyond) has just become a whole lot more accessible for you and your brand.

Check out some of your brand case studies here. You may have even been one of the consumers giving back by shopping with brands such as Rare Beauty, John Masters, Biossance, and Quay.


We wish you a wonderful and successful Giving Tuesday and hope the spirit of giving back to communities lifts your brand up this November and beyond!


How To Use Your Store For Good This Giving Tuesday (And Beyond)

Did you know that Giving Tuesday is just around the corner? This global generosity movement is happening worldwide on November 29th. You don’t want to miss out on using your Shopify store for good this Giving Tuesday and every day ending in Y!

‘How?’ do you ask?

The answer is cause marketing, baby!

Let us, the folks at DailyKarma, teach about how you can increase e-commerce sales and strengthen brand loyalty while being a catalyst for positive change.

Pull up a chair, grab a strong cup of coffee with however many shots of pumpkin spice you need to rile you up for an essential lesson on using your business to help nonprofits thrive!

Pssst, if you just want the bare bones of launching the most effective Giving Tuesday campaign in 2022, we put together a guide for that. Download it for absolutely free over here!

Why Should You Use Your Store for Good?

We find that there are two types of people who want to throw their business behind Giving Tuesday and up their social responsibility. Some do it for the greater good, and others know that corporate social responsibility (CSR, for short) is good for business. No judgment either way!

Did you know that 42% of consumers view you based on their perception of your CSR activities? That’s almost half. Are you ready to take it one step further? Take a look at how brand activism influences consumer behavior.

Using your Shopify store for good is a moral obligation for many people. It’s a fantastic way to give back to the communities that have helped you succeed. That means taking a closer look at who your customer base is and giving money to causes that impact them directly.

Additionally, a Giving Tuesday campaign helps engage your customers and clients. When you discuss the causes that are important to you as a company, you can engage with customers in new and vital ways; rather than always connecting around a product or service, which can feel empty at times, talking about the bigger picture creates positive relationships with your clients.

Creative Ways to Give with Shopify

At DailyKarma, we created Shop For Good as an ideal plug-in for your Shopify store that helps impact customer loyalty by giving back to charity. In this section, we’ll explore some creative ways you can give back this Giving Tuesday using Shop for Good.

Our favorite analogy is that if you had to choose between two cakes that are the same price, but one of them has icing on it, which would you choose? Obviously, you’d choose the one with icing; you’re not a monster! (Hush, Debbie Downer, nobody wants to hear that you don’t have a sweet tooth.)

With Shop for Good, our icing, sprinkles, and cinnamon swirl are purpose, values, and impact.

Impact Widgets for Impactful Cause Marketing

When your customer reaches the checkout area, we provide Impact Widgets that incentivize and gently encourage them to join in on your shared mission to impact the world with their purchase.

Creative Ways to Contribute As a Business

Portion of Sales: there’s something about the brand that is willing to put its money where its charity mouth is by designating a part of its sales. Display your campaign on your website to proudly show your customers how they contribute to the greater good.

Donation Matching: by matching whatever donation your customer is giving, you maximize your impact and work together to create change. Remember when your parents used to match your donation when you were at school doing charitable activities? Same idea! Giving Tuesday firmly believes that we can make more of an impact together. This is so important that more ways to contribute together are coming up later.

Creative Ways Customers Can Contribute

Rally your customers around your mission and up customer engagement and impact without affecting your margins in the process.

Round-up at Checkout: it’s the lightest touch of giving! It’s the digital version of telling someone to “Keep the change!” Engage your customers by giving them a chance to donate their change to the cause of your choice at the cart or checkout level. Even the tiniest bit can make a big difference when we rally together.

Donation Tiers ($1, $5, $10): let’s be honest, sometimes being faced with a blank box for a set amount you can donate leads to decision paralysis. In the end, many potential donators choose nothing because they’re unsure of what is expected. You take the guesswork out of it by giving preset tiers ranging from $1 to $10.

$1 at Checkout: For the price of a (very cheap) cup of coffee, your customers can help your cause of choice. Who doesn’t have $1 to add to their order to give to a good cause? This amount is low enough to become a no-brainer and thus become a catalyst for good.

Creative Ways to Contribute Together

These ways rely on the beauty of reward psychology!

Gift with Donation: you remember the pie analogy. In this case, the whipped cream, icing, and chocolate swirl are a little gift you include with an order. This doesn’t have to be expensive; even something small can have a high perceived value and turn your new customer into a long-term fan.

Donate for Discount: the beauty of donating for a discount is that you’re engaging in reciprocity; in this instance, it is known boostAOV by a whopping 61%! They give to charity; you provide them with a discount. That’s the giving spirit all over! Perfect for Giving Tuesday. And beyond.

DailyKarma and Shop for Good

At DailyKarma, our mission is to increase e-commerce sales and strengthen brand loyalty with the beauty of cause marketing. We offer a robust suite of free, easy-to-install campaigns ready to launch in minutes. Easy peasy if you have just noticed that Giving Tuesday is only weeks (or days) away!

Book a free demo today to see how easy it is for yourself!


Price or Purpose? How Brand Activism Influences Consumer Behavior

For more than half of American consumers (58%), brand activism has an impact on their impression of a brand, as well as their purchasing behavior. In other words, when a shopper cares about what a brand has to say about social issues, their decision to purchase can come down to the brand’s willingness to take a stance.

✅ Trust and Brand action are more likely to command a premium over Brand Image. Even more surprising, customers believe the good a brand does in the world is nearly as important as previously “earned trust” when making a buying decision. The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer (The Cycle of Distrust)

Say a shopper sees two product listings for a toothbrush on Amazon. One toothbrush is environmentally friendly, while the other is not. There’s a good chance that the customer will purchase the eco-friendly toothbrush because they care that their dollars are going toward a brand that promotes sustainability. Offering green products can increase your buyer pool and fill it with other people who also care for the environment — a win-win!

✅ The 3 Statistics Listed Above Come From The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer (The Cycle of Distrust).

Recently, Unilever announced that its purpose-led, Sustainable Living Brands are growing 69% faster than the rest of the business and delivering 75% of the company’s growth. “We believe the evidence is clear and compelling that brands with purpose grow. Purpose creates relevance for a brand, it drives talkability, builds penetration and reduces price elasticity. In fact, we believe this so strongly that we are prepared to commit that in the future, every Unilever brand will be a brand with purpose.” – Unilever CEO Alan Jope at the Deutsche Bank Global Consumer Conference in Paris.

Mission or Cost: What’s More Important?

One of the most impactful ways consumers have taken action on climate change in recent years is through buying power. Many are willing to spend more money for sustainability, and 78% say they expect brands to be doing their part for the environment. Right now, however, inflation has consumers highly concerned with cost as well (a staggering 72% say inflation has affected their family’s spending). So when it comes to the decision to click that buy button, which is more important: eco-friendliness or low price?

The answer is that competitive prices and commitment to sustainability both rank among consumers’ **top 5 reasons** for choosing to buy from a specific brand. On top of that, the secondhand market has found a spotlight amid shoppers’ desire to prioritize saving the planet and saving money.

Purpose-Driven brands deliver value in quality products and unbeatable support but go a step deeper by wanting to connect with people in more meaningful ways, to form more valuable relationships based on a shared mission and values bigger than the product or even the brand itself.

How to Activate & Amplify Your Brand’s Activism Efforts

Building a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

A successful cause marketing campaign can bring many benefits, from generating new leads to creating loyalty and trust among your customers. Done properly, cause marketing will help both your business and your nonprofit partner. It’s important to make a strategic marketing plan before launching your campaign to ensure that you are maximizing impact and sales.

Identify your cause

A cause marketing campaign should reflect the values of your company and your customers. While there are examples of successful partnerships between organizations with nothing obvious in common, cause marketing will come off as more genuine if the cause is related to your brand in some way. Knowing your audience and constructing a campaign around their values will not only help the nonprofit you are involved with but will also increase loyalty to your brand.

Additionally, your employees will be more willing to participate if it’s something they believe in. Their passion will show through their work, enhancing the outcomes for the nonprofit.

  • What kinds and how many consumers are likely to care about our company’s level and type of activism?
  • What relevant cause(s) are more consistent with our brand DNA and core values?
  • Will consumers believe that our company authentically and passionately believes in the cause(s) we support?
  • What actions can we take to support the cause(s) and show our stance on the issue?
  • Will the cost of implementation require us to raise our prices? Will our consumers be willing to pay a little more?
  • Does the governance structure and executive leadership understand how and why brand activism makes a difference?

Determine your contribution

Monetary contributions aren’t the only way companies can help a cause. Often money isn’t enough to convince consumers, and monetary gifts can seem disingenuous or even lazy. Furthermore, many small businesses might not have the budget to write a large check. Luckily, businesses and marketing departments have more to offer than just money.

  • Video services for charity functions
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Event planning
  • Photography for social media
  • Advertising campaign ideas
  • Copywriting for print and social media
  • Donations of products and services
  • Volunteer groups from your company

These services can help form a strong association between your products and your company’s nonprofit work.

However, even monetary support can be funded in a variety of ways. For example, your company could create a promotion that donates a certain amount to a nonprofit for every sale you make on a specific product or service.

Involve your audience

Your audience can be a driving force in your cause marketing campaign if you let them. By using social media or creating a custom-built landing page, you can motivate your audience to participate in many ways.

  • Donating to the cause
  • Sharing your social media posts to spread awareness
  • Interacting with your nonprofit partners
  • Participating in an event

Using customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you pursue the right audience for your cause marketing while raising awareness for your nonprofit partners. It can also help ensure you follow up and create personalized messages of gratitude and appreciation. Making your audience feel involved will give them a sense of responsibility—as 96% of people feel their own actions can make a difference. Messaging and outreach that validates these feelings can be a great way to drive engagement.

Co-promote with a nonprofit

The campaign will likely get more traction if both you and your nonprofit partner are promoting it.

  • Tag each other in social media posts.
  • Announce your affiliation in a newsletter.
  • Send a joint press release to news outlets.
  • Write blog posts about the experience.
  • Use each other’s logos in marketing campaigns.

Some of the most successful cause marketing campaigns developed omnichannel marketing strategies to increase awareness and exposure. Marketing automation can help you strategize by freeing you of the repetitive tasks of posting to social media or sending emails.

One solution businesses are pursuing is cause marketing. Cause marketing involves a collaboration between a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization for a common benefit. Cause marketing can also refer to social or charitable campaigns put on by for-profit brands.

Typically, a brand’s association with a nonprofit will boost its corporate social responsibility. The nonprofit, in exchange for their ethical contributions to the collaboration, create more awareness for their organization.

As new generations bring in new values, businesses must learn to pivot their strategies in order to keep up. Businesses that care about sustainability and ethics are at the top of consumers’ lists, and cause marketing can help bring a business’s social responsibility to their customers’ attention.


3 Steps to Avoid Impact Washing in 2022

What is Impact Washing?

We’ve seen a shift in consumer culture, with shoppers increasingly backing brands that support causes they care about and make a strong effort to mitigate harm. A recent Shop for Good case study showed companies who have tailored their approach to acknowledge this change and implemented cause-based marketing saw an increase in customers, loyalty from those consumers, and higher average order values during their cause campaigns. This shift is backed by data. According to Cone/Echo and Deloitte; given similar price and quality of products, 91% of consumers said they would likely switch to purchasing from a brand that supports a cause they believe in, 82% of consumers would buy from a company that supports issues they care about, and 90% of Gen Z-ers believe companies must take action to help social and environmental issues. So what should your business do? DailyKarma created the 5-star Shop For Good app to guide your brand in successful cause marketing campaigns and we’ve put together this Guide to Avoid Impact Washing to help you along your conscious e-commerce journey.

Consumers are more diligent in holding brands accountable today than ever before. When companies claim to be socially conscious or sustainable but do not back those claims up with real impact, consumers see through the empty claims and trendy, band-wagon marketing campaigns. Many consumers become activists in calling out and shaming these companies who are not responsible for their claims. Some of the most visible brands are being called out for greenwashing. H&M has been under-fire lately for its recycling marketing campaigns because the brand is one of the largest producers of fabric waste. Consumers and protection groups are holding the fast-fashion giant accountable via protestsonline shaming, and lawsuits. A previous example of a similar issue is with Tabacco companies and public health; tobacco companies spent millions uncovering the research proving their products led to cancer, simultaneously denied these claims, and spent even more in marketing and lobbying to protect their ability to sell their harmful products. It’s no surprise the oil and gas industry has been using the same playbook – but with the availability of information and the sharability of social media, consumers and special interest groups are taking notice and they’re taking aim. A recent report from Earthworks uncovers the deceptive practices of greenwashing by the top-four oil and gas companies over the past decade. The issue of impact washing is similar in nature and result; brands that are not transparent in their giving process, do not build impact into their brand identity, and do not produce the impact they claim in their marketing are cast into doubt and confronted by critics. This phenomenon is not new but the pushback on it is happening now more and louder than ever.

Are you a company that wants to launch cause marketing initiatives, but wants to avoid impact washing? It can be tough to figure out how to prevent impact washing when it seems like even the companies with the most resources are doing it. And if you’re not sure how to avoid it, you’re definitely not alone. We’ve put together this guide with three principles of reframing your brand identity, commitment to being a good actor, and transparency of giving that will help your company authentically give back and stay true to itself while avoiding impact washing.

Build Impact into Brand Identity

The first way to avoid impact washing is to build impact into your brand identity. Think of the long-term impact your company intends to make and build it into the mission of the company. Make sure that your employees are a part of this process so that they have a sense of agency and responsibility to the causes and don’t have resentment that may come with the additional work of the new campaigns. Now, share this new mission statement with your community. Utilize your social media presence and website to message this commitment and build cause marketing into your channels. One of the brands experiencing great success with this is Venus William’s company, Eleven. They built out a landing page to share with their consumers and future customers the problem of wage inequality and the nonprofit, Girls Inc., they are supporting to fight that issue. Another company using cause marketing with success is Biossance and their work supporting our oceans. They promote their support of Oceana throughout the site and in various ways so that their customers can learn about the issue and know the different options they have to join in on the support. Not only has Biossance incorporated its mission statement into its brand online, but it also created packaging and marketing materials to champion its cause. When you build impact into your brand identity, customers associate your brand with the causes they support and their buying habit no longer consists of just them, it’s now also about supporting what matters most to them. This is a great way to start building trust with potential and current customers alike. If you’d like to learn more about adding impact to your mission statement, DailyKarma & Shopify put together a great event you can watch on demand that discusses sustainable giving and building a values-based company.

Commit to Good Throughout the Year

The most consistent way to avoid impact washing is to demonstrate commitment to your cause marketing. It’s not enough to talk about your commitment to causes when it’s convenient or trendy – you need to show activity over the long term and prove to your customer base it’s not just a ploy. That means setting impact goals and planning out different campaigns throughout the year – commitment is showing your support for the LGBTQA+ community in May for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia and in October for LGBTQA+ History Month, not just in June for Pride. Pick a year-long strategy and share it with your community. Whether you choose to support one cause each quarter or twelve causes throughout the year, you’ll be showing your consumers you’re not just in it when it’s convenient or for the IG likes, it means you’re committing to being a force for good all year long. To support you in this planning, DailyKarma has a blog highlighting different Awareness Days you can build campaigns around and then choose the nonprofits that support each of the causes you’re committing to. One of the best ways to choose which causes to support is by asking your customers! Create a social media poll and ask people what their top three favorite causes are, then follow up with them on those topics and build a movement of support. You can also do this through surveys on your website or even in-store. Now that you know the causes that are important to your customers, you can start planning how you’ll support each one with cause marketing and nonprofit support. You don’t have to do this alone, reach out to the DailyKarma team for best practices and paid options, they are the experts in cause marketing and have been awarded by Shopify year after year!

Be Transparent About Your Giving

The most impactful way to avoid impact washing is to ensure the nonprofits you are supporting are vetted and follow proper compliance measures. Vetting each nonprofit you choose using Charity Navigator is an important step in creating your cause campaign because you’re doing the legwork to show your consumers their dollars are going to a trusted organization that will create real change in the issue they care about. Next, you need to understand and abide by all commercial coventurer laws. More than 19 states have special regulations governing these things (language requirements, disclosures, etc.). To remain compliant, brands must register in different states for each nonprofit they support; that means that if you sell to shoppers spread across the country, you’ll need to register in all of the states where your shoppers live – but trust us, it’s complicated. If you see the benefits of making a positive impact through cause marketing and you just want to get your campaigns going, Shop for Good and the DailyKarma Foundation can help. We have secured all required registrations, alleviating the hefty compliance hurdles and passing along substantial cost savings, for brands to launch flexible give-back campaigns creatively throughout the year. To avoid impact washing, be transparent in your giving process and share these qualifications and investments with your community regularly. When you’re transparent about where the money is going and what it’s being used for, people are more likely to trust your company and become loyal and excited customers.

Impact washing is a serious issue, but with the right tools and resources, you can avoid it. If your brand is looking for more help in avoiding impact washing, or if you want a full-service solution that takes all of the guesswork out of it for you, Shop for Good is here to help. Our commitment is to help you create an ethical marketing campaign that will reflect positively on your company and help you increase sales along with customer loyalty. If you’re ready to take the first step toward avoiding impact washing, don’t hesitate and contact us today.


Inspiring Breast Cancer Cause Marketing Campaigns

It’s that time of year again. Spring has sprung. Summer has offered an unwanted sauna sesh. And now it’s time for Fall!

Now that doesn’t just mean it’s time for Pumpkin Spice everything or time to break out the Halloween candy and costumes. It means it’s time to get out all things pink and plan your upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness campaign!

There are so many impactful Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns we’ve seen and been a part of over the years. To support great brands and the many charitable organizations they give back to, we’ve highlighted our top five BCA campaigns to help inspire ideas for your brand:

Explore Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Inspiration

Jewelry Brands | Apparel Brands Cosmetic Brands | Food & Drink Brands


Adina’s Jewels

Adina’s Jewels is an NYC labor of love. Founded independently by Adina Kamkhatchi and named after her late grandmother, the fashion brand took off with the help of her mother and brother. Today, Adina’s is a gorgeous line adorning people all over the world. Adina’s partnered this year with BCRF to match all round-up customer donations. This month, 10% off all purchases from the Pink Collection supports BCRF!

Banglez Bazar

Banglez Bazar is as mission-driven as you can get. The incredible craftsmanship on display at marketplaces in South Asia was Christina’s inspiration. Supporting the silk farmers, embroiderers, and artisans who created each piece became her mission. Christina weaves together her zeal for charitable giving and her travel-honed skills in her own jewelry line. Everything is carefully curated and beautiful. Find something you love, donate at checkout, and support Keep-A-Breast!

Beth Jewelry

Beth Jewelry was created with an eye for simple, playful, airy designs. It was born at Southern California arts and crafts shows and grew to the powerhouse jewelry line it is today. Every piece speaks with Beth’s voice, representing something close to her heart, and she goes above and beyond to create new pieces with an intention. This year alone, she’s introduced the rainbow heart bracelet to celebrate diversity a sweet flower necklace to support voting rights. 5% of all sales and 15% of the handmade, sterling silver “boobies” necklace sales support BCRF!


A family business based out of and inspired by Los Angeles, Ettika believes that confidence is the greatest accessory. Their gorgeous pieces are a close second. Created to boost that confidence and let you express your best self, Ettika is timeless, authentic, and unique. To make their work more impressive, they donate to a rotating selection of charities year-round. Get 15% off your purchase with a $5 donation supporting the Keep A Breast Foundation!

Lori Bonn Design, Inc.

Founder Lori left the corporate world to embrace her creativity and live her passion, and Lori Bonn Design is for everyone who wants to do the same. Each piece’s sparkle is here to represent your inner sparkle, and remind you to share it with the world and embrace it in others. 100% of all proceeds from the We Need A Cure charm and necklace supports Keep A Breast!

Mignonne Gavigan

“Serendipity” is more than just a word to Mignonne Gavigan. It’s a lived experience. From a chance fabric accessory to a written-in-the-stars partnership, Mignonne’s journey from cult following to major brand feels a little bit magical. Each piece is a work of art and a doorway to something unexpected. Get 15% off your purchase with a $5 donation to support BCRF!


RAEN was founded by surfers and change-makers to build the kind of eyewear they wanted to see (and see through). RAEN thrives because of its communal spirit and everyone wearing a pair. That made deciding to give it their all for Breast Cancer Awareness Month easy. RAEN came together to support their brand ambassadors, customers, friends, and coworkers affected without a second thought. For every purchase made, $20 will go to support Keep A Breast!

Shop Charged

Shop Charged isn’t a collection of products, it’s a collection of tools to keep in your self care-belt. Focused on healing and wellness, Shop Charged brings the sacred and the self together to recharge your entire energetic being. Charged is spreading that well-being throughout the community, hand-picking charities each month to support. Save 15% when you donate $5 to support Keep A Breast!


Adam Block Design

Los Angeles-born and Las Vegas-based, Adam Block Design is dedicated to highlighting all the best aspects of Greek Life. The core Greek values? Sister/Brotherhood, Leadership, Philanthropy, and Fun Memories. Adam Block’s core values? Originality, Happiness, and Awesomeness! Their commitment to community spreads beyond the Greek family, and their charitable efforts reflect that. A portion of all F🎀ck Cancer t-shirt sales this month supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)!


The Felina woman is bold. She’s an individual. She works hard, plays hard, and still practices self-care and self-love. Felina’s mission is to support all women of all shapes and sizes in achieving their goals and standing out from the crowd. Felina’s philosophy is all about creating a community of women who support and empower each other. All apparel is comfortable, stylish, and high-quality. Get 20% off all Donate for Discount styles with a $1 donation supporting BCRF!

Freedom Rave Wear

Freedom Rave Wear is the embodiment of PLUR – Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. It was born out of a commitment to the festival community and a deep appreciation for all the fashion that goes with it. FRW grew from one couple in their living room to the same (now married!) couple with a full team and office space. Not only are their styles here to spread joy, each piece of clothing is designed and made with an eye toward its environmental, social, and economic impact. 10% of all proceeds from the Strawberry Tie Dye sets support BCRF!

Krimson Klover

To get an idea of who Krimson Klover is, all you need to know is founder Rhonda Swenson’s biggest goal – being able to ski until she’s 90. They’re creating clothing to augment your adventures and help you every step of the way as you live your biggest life possible. Krimson Klover is slow fashion, where everything is sustainable, ethically sourced, and made with intention. Get 10% off your order when you donate $10 to support BCPP!


Lunautics was born out of the love and exhilaration of music festivals and hasn’t stopped grooving for a second since. A small business that’s not looking to stop growing, Lunautics is for the community first and foremost. Their breast cancer campaign is just one of several past and many many more to come highlighting an important cause. Every product is imbued with the spirit of creativity and diversity. All beauty products are vegan and cruelty-free. 10% of all sales from the Moobies collection supports BCRF!

Marisa in Motion

Marisa in Motion founder, Marisa Fuller, has a story to tell. After spending 20 years in advertising, she put her all into transforming her love of Pilates into her full-time job. Not only did she open her own Pilates studio, she started designing the awesome apparel you’re looking at now. For Marisa, Pilates was a way to get through the tough times in life, including undergoing preventative surgeries for breast cancer. Her mission is to share that strength and kinship with the global Pilates community. So far, Marisa in Motion has raised $2,342 for breast cancer research! 10% of all proceeds support BCRF, Keep A Breast, NBCF, and the Previvor Organization! Especially feeling the holiday spirit? Add on a customized donation at checkout.

Maximum Beauties LLC

For Summer, the inspiration for Maximum Beauties LLC comes from her two daughters. The unique styles showcased on Maximum Beauties come from an appreciation of their unique styles and a shared passion for fashion. Beyond clothing, Maximum Beauties is a brand that advocates for its communities and works full-time to lift women up. 10% of all purchases support BCRF, Keep A Breast, and NBCF!


Babe Lash

Babe Lash is all about feeling beautiful. Beauty isn’t a specific collection of features, either. For Babe Lash, beauty is “easy, lighthearted, and fun.” They’re on a mission to inspire confidence and help you embrace the individual things that make you beautiful. This October, Babe Lash is empowering all the babes to get educated and get in the habit of self-exams for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Round up any of your purchases to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)!

Honua Skincare

Honua Skincare is the synthesis of everything near and dear to Kapua Browning. It brings together her love of skincare and her years of experience as an esthetician with her Hawaiian culture. Honua is more than skincare. It’s a ritual and vehicle to bring aloha into the world. Honua’s success comes from its deep respect for Mother Earth, the heart of the company, and its integration of traditional Hawaiian healing practices. 30% of all proceeds from the MALU SPF30 Protecting Day Cream supports the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (BCPP)!

KORA Organics

Kora Organics is formulated to make your skin the healthiest it can be with organic, natural ingredients. Kora is COSMOS-certified, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. Your skin deserves the best, and with Kora, you can be confident that you’re getting it. Shop with Kora, and you’ll be helping charitable organizations year-round. Add on a donation at checkout to support Keep A Breast, Sisters Network Inc, and Breast Cancer Charities of America (if you’re in the US); or NBCF, Australian Breast Cancer Research, and the McGrath Foundation (if you’re in Australia!)

SEN Organics

In Vietnamese, “hae sen” means “lotus flower.” SEN Organics derived its name there, choosing to embody everything that the lotus flower represents. For themselves and for their community, the three sisters who founded the brand strive to hold purity, enlightenment, hope, and strength at their core. SEN Organics is free of all 1,328 toxic chemicals recognized by the EU, meaning you can count on every product to be truly clean. 40% of all sales of the Joyful lipstick supports the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center!

Food & Drink

JUST Water

JUST Water knows that it’s more than just water. Every bottle is an encouragement to make conscious choices for the planet. Every sip inspires you to feel good and go out and do good for your community. JUST is investing in their local community of Glen Falls, NY, and in their global community. Their commitment to the Earth is unshakable, so every bottle is 100% recyclable with a 74% carbon emissions reduction over plastic. They’re even certified by the Forest Stewardship Council! JUST is here to get involved with all the causes that impact their world, making the pink collection their second socially-conscious effort alongside the #VoteReady campaign. 25% of all pink carton sales support BCRF, as does 100% of all donations collected when you round up at checkout!

Lonesome Rider Coffee Company

The lonesome rider of Lonesome Rider Coffee Company could be any one of us, searching for our dreams, wherever the road takes us. Joe Hale started making coffee to bring his childhood memories, waking up to the smell, and the love that comes with it to his community. Each bag of beans combines Western cowboy lore with incredible quality from around the world, and every purchase supports veterans’ organizations. 25% of all proceeds from the breast cancer awareness product line supports BCRF, Keep A Breast, and NBCF!


Milkweed is built on partnerships. Based out of Burlington, Vermont, Monarch and the Milkweed hatched these delicious cannabis confections by working hand-in-hand with members all across the restaurant community. They’re an intersection of fine dining and local living. For each piece sold, $2 will go to support Keep A Breast!

Let’s all be inspired this fall! Take the first step and start planning your next campaign.


Giving Tuesday Quick Win Ideas

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement to transform communities and the world. The goal is just to do good — which is what Shop for Good by DailyKarma is all about! So we’re offering some fun + effective quick win ideas for Giving Tuesday that you can launch in minutes 😃

This holiday falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving — that’s November 30 in 2021. Since its inception in 2012, it has grown into a global movement that draws hundreds of millions of people to come together and give for a better world.

Cause marketing is a big deal and has been proven time and again to sway customers, not to mention make a difference for important causes. After Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM), Giving Tuesday gives brands another opportunity to make a big impact before we hit 2022. (P.S. Here’s how to run an impactful and memorable BFCM campaign.)

Giving Tuesday Quick Win Ideas for You

Many brands this year will donate their proceeds (or a portion of them) to nonprofits. But not all brands can afford to give away so much of their proceeds — and that’s exactly why the Shop for Good donation app offers so many ways to get involved in philanthropy! 

We truly democratize giving because we allow brands to get customers involved in your giving without having to give profits away.

Apart from our % of Sales campaign, which allows a brand to donate, we offer these five other fresh ways to give back:

  • Donation Tiers – preset three donation amounts and even let shoppers enter a custom donation amount. Invite shoppers to give and feel good when you endorse a cause they believe in (example: dessert company Milkbar):

    Milkbar x Shop for Good - Donation Tiers
  • Round-Up – let customers round up their order to charity at cart or checkout.
  • Round-Up with Custom Donations – let customers round up their order to charity and increase their donation amount by $1 increments to a custom amount at cart or checkout (example: Selena Gomez’s cosmetics line Rare Beauty — add any item to cart and head to the final payment checkout screen to view our widget):

    Rare Beauty x Shop for Good by DailyKarma - RUA checkout donation prod
  • Donate for Discount – our flagship donation campaign allows you to offer a discount in exchange for a donation.
  • Matching – consider matching donations tied to other Shop for Good campaigns during the holidays, especially BFCM and/or Giving Tuesday (let us know and we manage this for you). See how dog kennel brand Gunner combined Donate for Discount (without an incentive) with matching and runs it year-round:

    Gunner Kennels x Shop for Good

Giving Tuesday campaign ideas for giving back

Donate a portion of proceeds with % of Sales

Organic skincare brand John Masters Organics launched an ambitious effort benefiting the Black Lives Matter movement that you can borrow for Giving Tuesday: for 24 hours, they donated 100% of online sales to three amazing charities.

Not only did sales jump by 247% from the previous day, but also U.S. store sessions jumped by 30% and 44% of customers were new. These exciting numbers show that % of Sales can be used a new customer acquisition strategy!

During April 2020, clean beauty brand Biossance did a similar thing, donating 100% of proceeds for 24 hours to Direct Relief in support of Covid-19 efforts. The brand raised a whopping $112,110 worth of donations to charity that day.

Run a feel-good sale with Donate for Discount

Socially conscious apparel company Ivory Ella ran a Donate for Discount campaign for 48 hours during Giving Tuesday 2019 where they offered a 25% discount and a free tote when customers donated $10 to Save the Elephants (read the case study here): 

And as part of its mission, Ivory Ella keeps the giving going year-round by donating 10% of net profits to Save the Elephants. And giving gives back: Ivory Ella has lifted AOV by 18% and one particular campaign even lifted cart conversions by 65% in 24 hours.

Also for Giving Tuesday 2019, bold cosmetics brand Dragun Beauty ran a Donate for Discount campaign. They offered customers the ability to save 20% on their order when donating $5 to Dragun Beauty’s selected nonprofits (Los Angeles LGBT Center, Point Foundation, and The Trevor Project):

Pro tip: if you don’t want Donate for Discount to compete with other sales, we recommend triggering this earlier in November and then again after the holidays to keep everyone motivated to keep shopping.

Other smart giving ideas for the holidays 

Our Shop for Good campaigns are amazing in and of themselves — and you can take them to an even higher level when you leverage third-party tools! For example, other quick win ideas for Giving Tuesday (and beyond) include:

  • Tag the Shop for Good donation products through your email marketing service (e.g., Klaviyo or Omnisend) so that you can follow up with customers who donate and send them an extra special email with a discount code for the next time they shop. 
  • Use referral software like (which integrates with Shop for Good!) to let your customers earn points for each donation they make and reward them.
  • Social media/email marketing: Now is a great time to be sharing your brand’s connections with your selected causes – make sure to let your community know how you are giving back and inviting your audience to make an impact with every purchase. Make sure your community is clear on how they can be giving back with you.
  • If your website’s home page real estate allows, don’t be afraid to highlight the nonprofit(s) you’re supporting there as well and how people can support the mission. Are they donating at checkout? Are you offering a discount when they donate? Spell it out. (Check out our other great ways and best practices to promote your giving.)

Giving as a form of connection

The lowest prices or fastest shipping are no longer enough. 

We know that, given similar price and quality of products, 91% of consumers said they would likely switch to purchasing from a brand that supports a cause they believe in, according to a Cone/Echo Global CSR Study.

And if your brand focuses on millennials or Gen Z, trends and studies (such as the surveys from DoSomething Strategic) show these customers choose to put their money where their values are and support brands with purpose. And particularly so when those companies focus on connecting with their audience through a genuine, deep commitment to a cause (rather than running a one-off, short-lived campaign — although this can also yield good results).

Let’s finish off 2021 strong. Use these quick win Giving Tuesday campaign ideas to spark the joy of giving in your customers and yourself.

Launch your Giving Tuesday campaign with Shop for Good


How to Use Cause Marketing to Meet Your Goals

Being a mission-driven brand is a wonderful start — but running a wildly successful cause marketing campaign also requires clarity. This post will help you use cause marketing to meet your goals, whether they center around AOV, engagement, or other metrics.

When we guide our top-tier brand partners to run a great campaign, we ask: what does success look like to you?

Are you looking to…

  • Increase your average order value (AOV)?
  • Boost awareness about a cause you love or give your brand affinity (a.k.a. brand loyalty) a lift?
  • Drive mission-driven customer engagement?
  • Maximize impact?
  • Encourage repeat purchases?

Based on your goals, we can recommend a specific campaign and approach to help you crush it. 

Plus, DailyKarma offers a lot of flexibility: you can place most giving campaign modules on product pages, your cart, checkout (available for Shopify Plus stores), or even your impact page (pretty much anywhere in your store that accepts HTML).

Would you like to DIY it for now? We got you! Keep reading for the 101 on choosing the best give-back campaign based on your brand’s definition of success.

How to Use Cause Marketing to Meet Your Goals

If you want to raise your AOV…

Customer donation campaigns (where you invite the customer to donate as part of the purchase) often raise AOV — our many case studies attest to this! 

The main contributor to a higher AOV is our Donate for Discount campaign, where you invite the customer to donate in exchange for a discount on their order or on a specific product. The typical engagement for this campaign is 10-15% although we’ve seen it go as high as 56% (see our John Masters case study for details)! 

Some brands, such as Bubba Rose, use Donate for Discount as their only way to run sales — this approach tends to galvanize shoppers into action. The result? Engagement rises together with AOV.

And speaking of AOV, Rare Beauty saw a 34% jump using Donate for Discount between Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday 2020. 

Even your conversion rate can shoot up with our flagship campaign — see Faherty and Ivory Ella’s story here.

Tips for running Donate for Discount on your store:

  • Make the offer competitive — don’t run it against another, more enticing sale
  • The donation ask should be lower than the discount they’ll receive 
  • Consider your current AOV to come up with a tempting donation ask/discount ratio

That said, we’ve also seen our Donation Tiers campaign contribute to a higher AOV. This campaign often has an engagement rate of 2-10% — although when customers are gung ho about your cause, we’ve seen it shoot up as high as 42.54%!

If you want to increase awareness around a cause and/or brand loyalty…

Consider running a Portion of Sales campaign, where you as the brand donate a percentage or fixed amount of sales (either the entire order or specific items) to a cause.

Something to note: Portion of Sales applies the donation to an order whether or not the shopper takes action through the donation module. Consequently, running this campaign helps prove your commitment to a cause and brings visibility to it. That said, Portion of Sales often has a softer effect and might only serve to spotlight your chosen cause rather than to influence engagement or AOV.

Displaying the Portion of Sales widget on your product pages or the cart will shine a light on your chosen cause(s), especially if you mention the cause right on the campaign widget. This way, even if your customer doesn’t click on the widget and trigger the pop-up, they will still know what cause their purchase is benefiting.

Alternating between Portion of Sales and Round-Up (or Add $1/Custom Amount) is an effective strategy to inform customers about your mission and invite them to partake. 

Biossance has used this combo to raise over $250,000 in donations to world-changing nonprofits to date! Further, Adina’s Jewels has used this approach to inspire 5,193 customers to get involved.

Notably, Portion of Sales can even work as a new customer acquisition tool! (See how John Masters Organics did it.)

If you wish to drive mission-driven customer engagement…

As you now know, Donate for Discount is a solid driver of engagement. Additionally, Round-Up is a classic, low-pressure way to invite shoppers to take action and give back

Engagement can fluctuate between 4-10% with Round-Up although we often see it go much higher! 

For instance, Rare Beauty has seen as many as 17% of shoppers donate through Round-Up at checkout. The brand even experienced an AOV rise of 14.63% for orders including a Round-Up donation during Spring 2021!

How-to-Use-Cause-Marketing-to-Meet-Your-Goals- impact

If you wish to maximize impact for a cause…

To raise the most funds for your favorite nonprofit(s), we’ve seen it helps the most to ask for higher donation amounts. This can mean Donation Tiers, Donate for Discount, Custom Amount (which often sees an engagement rate hovering around 3%), and even Portion of Sales.

Psst… Donation Tiers and Donate for Discount, in particular, have been shown to create the highest impact.

Further, you can get your customers excited about giving back when you offer to meet them halfway by matching donations. This is a clever alternative to Portion of Sales, as it motivates your customer to act because they know you will join them in the effort.

For example, you can invite shoppers to give to a cause and let them know that you will:

  • Match their donations up to $5,000 for a month
  • Match their donations for a specific period of time (say, during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
  • Match their donations indefinitely

You can match donations from any campaign — just email our support team and we’ll set it up for you! 

If you want to encourage repeat purchases…

Our partner Harney & Sons skyrocketed their repeat purchase rate by a whopping 69.3% by integrating additional touchpoints into the experience. 

What Harney did was run Donation Tiers and then send a thoughtful note together with a discount code to each person who donated. (This could also work well with our $1 Donation/Custom Amount campaign or any customer donation campaign.)

Harney & Sons did this by tagging the Donation Tiers product in Klaviyo, triggering an automated email containing a discount code for a future purchase. The result: 69.3% of those who donated came back and shopped again!

A note on post-checkout donations…

Asking shoppers to donate once the purchase has been completed is nice but cannot contribute to increasing your AOV, as by then the purchase has already taken place. 

Because we care about your generating impact for social good — and also want to help you increase engagement and AOV, all of our cause marketing campaigns are pre-checkout. 

That said, it could help you meet the goal of cause awareness, even running a campaign post-checkout won’t help you sell more.

Final notes on using Cause Marketing to Meet Your Goals…

Now that you have some ideas and concrete examples of how to choose between our many giving campaigns based on your goals, let’s go a little broader. 

Marketing is key… and it’s a beast! It follows that the success of your campaign depends on many factors — here are some to consider:

  • How well you inform your customers about it throughout your website, social media, emails, and ads. See our best practices here.
  • How consistent you are in your mission-driven narrative — is it going to feel authentic or opportunistic? (Hint: be consistent to gain trust!)
  • Avoid technical hiccups by making sure you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s — follow our cause marketing launch master guide to help ensure nothing gets missed!

Want some hand-holding? That’s what our advanced plans are for! 

See our Pricing page to request a custom demo


Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide

Whether you’re prepping for a big BFCM launch or an itty bitty giving campaign in the middle of the year, this cause marketing campaign launch master guide covers it all.

From the tech bits to a showcase of gorgeous and compelling marketing promos, skim through this article to find what you need.

Before we jump into the technical bits, let’s take a step back and take a broader look at where to begin.

Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide

How to pick the right giving campaign for your brand

At DailyKarma, we’ve got one campaign that allows the brand to donate a portion of sales (we call it — surprise, surprise — Portion of Sales) and also offer several campaigns that allow your customers to give.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our customer donation campaigns:

  • Round-Up: where the order gets rounded up to the nearest dollar. A low-key, classic way to invite customers to contribute to a cause. (Our Custom Round-Up option allows for shoppers to donate more!)
  • $1 Donation: Make a bigger impact when you invite shoppers to give $1 instead of only a few cents. (Our paid plans allow you to turn this $1 amount into any amount of your choosing a.k.a. Custom Amount.)
  • Donation Tiers: A Shopify store favorite! Your customer chooses from 3 preset donation amounts. You can also allow customers to enter a custom amount if they’re feeling extra generous.
  • Donate for Discount: Our flagship campaign where you reward shoppers — every donation gets a discount on a product or entire order.

You can even meet customers halfway by matching their donations (just email your account manager to set this up!).

Psst… placement matters. Go ahead and play around with our cause marketing widgets in our demo store.

In our demo store, you’ll see our widgets where they appear when using the automatic placement setting. If you wish to place your widgets elsewhere in your store, follow the campaign’s manual placement instructions (accessible via your Shop for Good dashboard).

Okay, now that you’ve picked the right campaign (or a few) to launch with and where you’ll place them in your store, it’s time to pick the cause(s) you wish to support…

Picking the best cause/nonprofit for your brand

As far as U.S.-based nonprofits, any public 501(c)3 goes! (You can also request nonprofits from other countries and we have plenty of them in our system already.)

A successful cause marketing campaign hinges on your brand backing a cause that resonates with your customers and inspires them into action.

Not sure where to start? Read our tips and even watch our well-loved webinar on choosing a nonprofit that resonates with your brand.

Still need a hand? We make personal introductions between our Scaling Brands partners and nonprofits we love all the time — email your account manager to inquire!

Now for the nitty-gritty of launching your cause marketing campaign using Shop for Good by DailyKarma

The tech bits of your cause-related marketing campaign

If you run a big store with discounts and lots of SKUs, these bullet points are for you:

  • Once in your Shop for Good dashboard, you’ll want to add your credit card. You’ll be charged $1 so we can authorize your card — don’t fret, you’ll get that $1 back within a few days 😉
  • Be sure to exclude donations from any discounts! Do this by using Discount Codes instead of Automatic Discounts. Then, create a dynamic collection of products, set it to exclude the donation (filtering by vendor: DailyKarma, for example), and then use that collection for your discounts.
  • Have concerns about your SKUs? Need to sync your donation product settings with your ERP? ← Click those links!

You’ll also want to test your campaign (always!) before pushing it live and promoting it to your audience. Here’s how to test each of our cause marketing campaigns:

Okay, now that you’ve tested your campaign and it’s live, let’s focus on optimizing your customer experience around the donation flow.

Donation product customization

First thing’s first: if you’re running a customer donation campaign, each donation will generate a product. We recommend customizing that donation product image and even the text. 

Here are a few of our favorite examples:

Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide - Biossance donation product
Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide - Lancome donation product
Cause Marketing Campaign Launch Master Guide - Kora donation product

Cause Marketing best practices

For a campaign to be successful, people have to know about it! Not to toot our own horn (but we will!): our widgets are beautiful and necessary — YES. 

And also it’s best to promote your campaign throughout your website, emails, social, and even ads for maximum impact and reach. Click over for examples of where on your website to promote your campaign. We’ve also got this gorgeous showcase of on- and off-store marketing promos from some of our amazing brand partners.

If you want to get extra creative, here’s an idea that increased our partner Harney & Sons’ repeat purchase rate by a whopping 69.3%. What Harney did was run Donation Tiers and then send a discount code to each person who donated. They did this by tagging the Donation Tiers product in Klaviyo, triggering an automated email containing a discount code for a future purchase. Again: 69.3% of those who donated came back and shopped again. Give it a shot!

Keep your marketing fresh

While it’s wonderful to run a campaign you love all year long, it’s noteworthy to respond to current events with short-term, timely campaigns. 

For example, if you enjoy supporting Oceana through Round-Up throughout the year, you might also wish to support racial justice in June or indigenous people’s rights in October — perhaps by donating a portion of sales or inviting shoppers to give through Donation Tiers.

You can even let customers choose from a few nonprofits throughout the year and gain valuable psychographic insights over time. No idea yet which causes resonate best with your particular audience? With Shop for Good, you will!

Explore awareness holidays by month — and see our curated list of nonprofit recommendations for each! 

Now it’s time to put this cause marketing campaign launch master guide to use! What campaign will YOU launch to set an example and galvanize your customers into action?

Ready to make waves of social change?


Meet Our Leaders That Care

To kick off 2018 we’re honoring Leaders That Care. These individuals are making an impact and putting good karma into the world on a daily basis. We’re celebrating them and their accomplishments by sharing the causes they care about.

Adam Rosenberg
Adam Rosenberg, the PR and Social Media Group Manager at The Clorox Company, cares about bringing smart journalism and culture to more people, specifically through California’s “thriving art and music community.” See Adam’s Cause Fund

Amber J. Lawson
Amber J. Lawson, the Founder and CEO at Good Amplified, cares about supporting the prosperity of all 501c3’s who are making the world a better place. See Amber’s Cause Fund 

Amy Endeman
Amy Endeman, a surfer, a cook, a lover of oceans, and the Head of Marketing at Sunbasket, cares about food, education, freedom, and natural beauty – or as she calls them, “blessings many of us take for granted.” See Amy’s Cause Fund 

Ashumi Kothary Shippee
Ashumi Kothary Shippee, a female entrepreneur, a mother, an immigrant, and the CFO at VIOLET GREY cares about supporting women, fighting to eradicate homelessness, and providing safe harbor to refugees. See Ashumi’s Cause Fund  

Bailey Gaddis
Bailey Gaddis, author of Fen Shui Mommy is a passionate supporter of women’s maternal health. See Bailey’s Cause Fund  

Blake Andrews
Blake Andrews, a co-founder at Giveback Homes and a passionate golfer, cares about promoting honesty and integrity to young people through teaching the sport of golf. Blake started playing golf at the age of nine but “only recently started to learn the game beyond the swings.”  See Blake’s Cause Fund

Brit Gilmore
Brit Gilmore, the President of The Giving Keys, a company that lives, and breathes giving back, cares about empowering individuals experiencing homelessness to lead fulfilling lives. Her company has also hired several individuals who were formerly homeless in Los Angeles. See Brit’s Cause Fund 

Bruce Poon Tip
Bruce Poon Tip, the Founder of G Adventures, which allows travelers to immerse themselves in new destinations while also supporting the businesses and culture of the local people who live there, and because of that he cares about organizations that are doing important work to strengthen local economies in tourist areas and make the tourism industry more sustainable. See Bruce’s Cause Fund 

Caroline Pinal
Caroline Pinal, a co-founder at Giveback Homes and self-proclaimed Birthday Enthusiast, cares about bringing the magic of birthday celebrations to children living in homeless and transitional living situations. She says, “The parties are so much more than a celebration – they’re a chance for kids to feel loved and dream big.”  See Caroline’s Cause Fund 

Christine Carrillo
Christine Carrillo, the CEO at Joany, cares about empowering individuals of all ages to be compassionate and humanistic leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. See Christine’s Cause Fund

Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen is passionate about design and social good, a photography enthusiast, and Design Program Manager at Facebook, but he also cares about dogs. See Dan’s Cause Fund 

Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell, the Vice President of Partnerships and Innovation at NationSwell, cares about conservation, journalism, advancing collective consciousness and LGBT Youth.  See Dan’s Cause Fund

Daniel Park
Daniel Park, a Senior Director for Turner Broadcasting cares about supporting fair & unbiased news. See Daniel’s Cause Fund 

Dorrian Porter
Dorrian Porter, CEO of Vestboard, a 2018 CES Last Gadget Standing Finalist, cares about organizations supporting arts, nature & children. See Dorrian’s Cause Fund 

Eric Colbert
Eric Colbert, the founder at Spark6, cares about leaving this world “a little better than when we found it,” through supporting wildlife conservation, Alzheimer’s research, and human suffering on all fronts. See Eric’s Cause Fund 

Folayo Lasaki
Folayo Lasaki is the Head of Marketing at SoulPancake, a content company founded by Rainn Wilson from the hit TV show, The Office, and she cares most about empowering artists and communities of need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art.  See Folayo’s Cause Fund 

Gail Cayetano
Gail Cayetano,  Consultant at Shop Talk Los Angeles, cares about helping to defeat Rett syndrome. One of her friends’ daughter was diagnosed at a young age with this disease that slowly took away her ability to communicate with the world that she can clearly understand. Gail wants to change this. See Gail’s Cause Fund 

Jim Moriarty
Jim Moriarty, the Head of Brand Citizenship at 72&Sunny, cares about giving everyone equal access to modern jobs. See Jim’s Cause Fund

Joanna Waterfall
Joanna Waterfall, the founder of Yellow Co., cares about putting an end to human trafficking. This is why she supports trusted organizations that are doing the hard work to see an end to this issue.  See Joanna’s Cause Fund

Joy Moh
Joy Moh, the Director of Worldwide Publicity at Sony Pictures Entertainment and an L.A. native herself, cares about the development and future of her city, Los Angeles. Having been a Wish Granter for the past six years, she supports the Make a Wish Foundation as well as the innovative L.A. Kitchen, which takes a creative approach to tackling hunger. See Joy’s Cause Fund 

Justin Wolff
Justin Wolff, the Chief Giving Officer and Co-Founder at Yoobi, a school supply company that gives to classrooms in need, cares about education accessibility for young kids and also an orphan-elephant rescue, as he is a South African native. See Justin’s Cause Fund 

Kat Gordon
Kat Gordon is an entrepreneur, creative marketer & founder of 3% Conference – a conference devoted to raising the number of female creative directors in advertising. In addition to being a staunch advocate for gender inclusivity, she supports organizations that help unite us for violence-free communities. See Kat’s Cause Fund  

Kathleen Talbot
Kathleen Talbot, who leads the charge as Vice President of Operations and Sustainability at Reformation, cares most about climate change. See Kathleen’s Cause Fund 

Kirsten Ludwig
Kirsten Ludwig, the President and founder of IN GOOD CO, has made doing good an integral part of her business model and cares about ensuring freedom and rights for all. See Kirsten’s Cause Fund 

Kohl Creselius
Kohl Creselius is husband, a father, a surfer and a passionate communicator who seeks to encourage and inspire a new generation of socially minded businesses. As CEO & Co-founder Krochet Kids intl., and now KNOWN SUPPLY, he has worked to create sustainable social impact models on the ground and he cares about helping others doing good work. See Kohl’s Cause Fund

Lena Khouri
Lena Khouri, the co-founder of Deutch Good, and recent founder of boutique shopping startup CURIO, cares about supporting children and young adults through education, creative projects, sports, and self-empowerment.  See Lena’s Cause Fund

Lindsey Horvath
Lindsey Horvath, a Councilmember and the former Mayor of the City of West Hollywood, cares about supporting those who are struggling to survive, to escape and overcome violence, to end hunger, and to find affordable housing. Lindsey has personally worked with each organization she supports. See Lindsey’s Cause Fund 

Marc Gowland
Marc Gowland, EVP, Executive Technology Director at Deutsch, saw firsthand the resilience of children after visiting orphanages in Mexico & Ecuador. As a result, he supports organizations that help youth turn tragedy into motivation for personal success. See Marc’s Cause Fund

Martin Leim
Martin Leim, News Producer for ABC7 News in Los Angeles works with youth-centered organizations to give back to the community in LA.  See Martin’s Cause Fund

Melody Godfred
Melody Godfred, the founder of Fred and Far: A Self Love Movement, cares about inspiring, empowering, and informing women by providing essential health services, equal opportunities, culture and news.  See Melody’s Cause Fund

Merlin Clarke
Merlin Clarke, co-founder and the Head of Happenings at Dogeared Jewelry,  cares about leaving the world better than he found it. See Merlin’s Cause Fund 

Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen, the Vice President of Sales at Foursquare, cares about finding a cure to Kidney Cancer, to Alzheimer’s, and to finding less toxic treatments for children suffering from Cancer. Michael’s father passed away from Kidney Cancer and his grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s, so the work of these organizations is near to his family’s heart. See Michael’s Cause Fund  

Miki Reynolds
Miki Reynolds, a co-founder and Executive Director of Grid110, cares about supporting the development of a startup culture in Downtown Los Angeles as well as the fearless leaders at the helm of this movement. See Miki’s Cause Fund

Minh Le
Minh Le is an entrepreneur & CEO of Bedlam Creative Agency is a champion for diversity & supports the immigrant community through organizations like the ACLU, American Immigration Council, Auyda & American Red Cross:  See Minh’s Cause Fund

Miranda Barnard
Miranda Barnard, the Director of Communications at Sorensen Media, cares about supporting children’s health, women’s cancers, and refugee support. She believes that when we help overlooked individuals, it not only helps these individuals but our society as a whole.   See Miranda’s Cause Fund

Molly Fienning
Molly Fienning is the co-founder of Babiators, a leading sunglasses brand for babies and kids, and she cares about the working class community members of Charleston.  See Molly’s Cause Fund

Monique Tallon
Monique Tallon, a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at Higher Path Consulting, cares about providing relief to the individuals affected by the devastating effects of the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico. She reminds us, “The tragedy doesn’t stop when news stop talking about it.”  See Monique’s Cause Fund

Natascha French
Natascha French, the Chief Marketing Officer at VNTANA, cares about cures and education for children who need a helping hand. See Natascha’s Cause Fund

Paul Hirose
Paul Hirose, the Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie LLP, cares about putting an end to human trafficking. As he reminds us, “there are more human beings trapped in forced labor than at any time in history… forced labor touches the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the electronics we use.” See Paul’s Cause Fund 

Rebecca McQuigg Rigal
Rebecca McQuigg Rigal, an Independent Consultant who preferentially works with organizations and companies geared towards positive change in communities, cares about people and the planet. She believes it is “our duty as human beings to support each other and contribute to a better world for all lives and future generations.”  See Rebecca’s Cause Fund

Seth Levy
Seth Levy, a Managing Partner at Nixon Peabody, an organization that sees 21st century law as a tool to help shape their clients’ futures, cares about supporting the LGBTQ community through youth empowerment and legal advocacy. See Seth’s Cause Fund

Stephen Kane
Stephen Kane is the founder of legal tech startup FairClaims, and an as an LA native, passionately believes that street vending is a rich part of our culture and street vendor entrepreneurs ought to be supported. See Stephen’s Cause Fund

Susan Walsh
Susan Walsh, the Senior Marketing Manager at AT&T, cares about lifting up vulnerable and marginalized people by leveling the playing field through education, medicine, and policy change. See Susan’s Cause Fund 

Suzanna Learner
Suzanna Learner, the founder of Michael Stars, cares about women’s rights. As Hillary Clinton said, “Women’s rights are human rights.” See Suzanna’s Cause Fund

Tom Ogletree
Tom Ogletree, the Director of Social Impact and External Affairs at General Assembly, cares about empowering people to transform their lives and reach their fullest potential. He is a believer that “talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not,” and this is why he supports organizations who exist to see this through. See Tom’s Cause Fund

Talitha Baker
Talitha Baker, the Operations Manager at Fullscreen Media, cares about promoting everyday kindness by supporting vulnerable populations of people, including children experiencing the negative effects of bullying, children being targeted to be child soldiers in Central Africa, and children who are vulnerable to being forced into the sex trade. Whether they are kids in her neighborhood, in her city, or across the world, she shows them kindness that causes change through her support. See Talitha’s Cause Fund

Vanessa Stofenmacher
Vanessa Stofenmacher, the founder and Creative Director at Vrai & Oro, a jewelry line recently acquired by Diamond Foundry which is invested in by Leonardo Dicaprio, cares about women’s education and empowerment. She says, “For too long, women have been conditioned to think that our differences are our weaknesses when in reality they are our strengths.” See Vanessa’s Cause Fund 

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