Case Study

Biossance blows customer contributions out of the water​

Campaign Overview

Thoughtful skincare brand Biossance launched its first-ever cause marketing initiative with Shop for Good, running both an evergreen campaign at checkout and time-sensitive giving efforts for special ocassions.

The Strategy

Giving back to its nonprofit partner of choice, Oceana, is integral to the values of Biossance. Consequently, the brand opted to invite customers to give back year-round through Custom Round-Up at checkout.

Additionally, at specific times (such as Giving Tuesday), Biossance also chose to put its money where its mouth is and donate a hefty portion of proceeds to Oceana or to benefit Covid-19 relief efforts.

Using Shop for Good’s campaigns, the brand was able to galvanize customers to donate more and shop more — first, through Donate for Discount by offering shoppers 10% off when they donated $5, and then, by allowing shoppers to donate at checkout through Round-Up with Custom Donations.


Over 40,000 shoppers were happy to partake in helping keep oceans healthy and abundant by donating to Oceana.

The result? Over $250,000 in donations raised for world-changing causes!


The Portion of Sales widget on product pages announced Biossance's own gifts to the cause and signaled to shoppers that when they bought a specific product, part of their money was going to protect the oceans or to benefit Covid-19 relief efforts.

Custom Round-Up ran at checkout throughout the year, allowing customers to partake in the brand's mission with every purchase.

The brand was also mindful to educate and inspire its audience through the consistent promotion of its give-back campaigns on their website (including on the Home page), across their social media platforms, and beyond.

Campaign Results

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